Tuesday, March 7, 2017

GUEST HOUSE - poorly photographed tour

In a rash moment last year, I sold my 35mm lens for a pinch of what it cost me... now I only own a 50mm which is just no good for interiors. Couple that with my distinct lack of ability and you've got the above. Forgive me.

Regardless, you can get a little (very close up) glimpse at our little Guest House. It's a charming old building with enormous steel windows and a hand crafted concrete bath tub. Much of it is in original condition with the exception of a lovely rough wooden kitchen that contains all of the usual appliances.

The walls are thick rendered block work with a coat of illusive white paint to the interior. External walls are aged and stained with years of weather. A patina one couldn't in good conscience paint over.

We've kept the furnishings seriously simple... pretty much sending any off-casts from the main house up there for safe keeping. White linen curtains adorn the master bedroom while the rest of the windows are enjoy the same 'nude' treatment. I mean, who doesn't want to be nude?

The house has two bedrooms - the one not photographed here contains bunks but I'm considering turning it into a 'tea room' with a rattan setting and coffee table.

A large loft space sits atop the house - this is the room that shall be filled with bunk beds! In my dreams the house is filled with our friends and their children... A space for summer escapes and winter hide outs by the fire.

Between having friends and family use the space, I'm considering airB&Bing it - does anyone have any experience with this? I'm a total newbie.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


It's been a giant few months for our family with moving into our new home. The last time Dave and I moved it was from a TINY two bedroom flat into our previous relatively tiny 1970's house. We had no children and next to no furniture - the move was easy. Fun, even.

Moving with 3 kids two weeks before Christmas and 1 week before the School Holidays is a little more stressful! I'm only *just* recovering.

Over the past 3 months we've hosted two christmases, one slightly wilder than expected new years eve party and countless friends for dinners and extended stays. It's been massively fun and massively exhausting.

We're slowly working on getting the new house decorated. I've enlisted the help of Megan Morton which is a bit of a dream come true. She has suggested a luxe palette of black + white... so B+W it is!! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

So, life lately in photo's;

1. These two on their maiden father/son surfing voyage. Zeph is officially hooked and now they'll be surfing mates for life. Love Heart Eyes.

2. Entryway in the evening light.

3. A corner of the Master Bedroom. This will all change once we start the renovations.

4. Master bed again. This house doesn't have ANY wardrobes so we're building a wall behind where the bead head current sits which will allow for a long walk in robe. Having somewhere to hand the clothing is actually super important for a functioning home, it turns out.

5. Living room. You may see a theme emerging from these highly cropped interior shots - in the immortal words of Megan Morton 'Emily, your house looks like a sao - we need less biscuit in here'. We're shipping all of the ratan up to the guest house and brining in white linens, polished marble and black leather.

6. My girl Olive Pip turns 6. Where has the time gone? It feels like she was born just yesterday but here she is, 6 years old and obsessed with colouring in, craft and accessorising 'her look' on a daily basis. I'm so impressed with her creativity and kindness.

7. Queen Elke. Enough said. This girl is the quintessential 3rd born.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Snippet from home including one of my fave works by Lauren Merrick. This is the original but it's also available in a print.

So it’s been 3 months now since we’ve had access to the internet at home. 3 months of book reading, red wine induced conversation and after dark swims in the pool.*

A 3 month detox with no hope of changing soon.

We can’t actually get internet out here at our new place. We’re in the sticks - what we make up for in land, we loose to common convenience. But we’re okay with it…. we really are **

When we were first looking at this house, we suspected it might have slow internet speeds, perhaps even problems with mobile phone reception, but we were wrong- this little slice of paradise has A LOT of good things - palm tree’s, superb fairywrens breasted blue, big sky vistas and wildlife for days, but it ain’t got no connectivity.

No net-flix in the evenings, no in-bed pre-coffee instagram scrolling, no spotify dancing whilst dinner is cooking, no obsessive facebook stalking, no instagram, no blessed pinterest pinning and no instagram. Wait, did I say instagram? But you feel me, right? Actually no instagram... at all. At home. ever. like ever.

Sometimes I feel all twitchy and restless. You know, like something is missing ... but it turns out that being disconnected has been the best thing for our strung out family of five (read: strung out Emily).

I’m not saying we’ve all turned into totally chilled out turn taking, quiet talking people. We haven’t - and God willing, we never will. You’ve still gotta be willing to raise your voice to have your say and put your foot down when you mean it, but there’s drastically more spare time floating around.

We’ve replaced Net-Flix-Athons with family story times***, Afternoon TV sessions with bike riding and who knows, there might even be the odd board game in our future. Now I’m not making any promises but somehow, somewhere we’ve managed to obtain a certain family friendly game of Charades. Sounds fun, right??

I'll keep you posted.

Talk soon

Em xx

*read all romantic elements of post with your most discerning mind. I have no net flix. NO NET FLIX, PEOPLE!!!!!!! and NO INSTARGRAM!!!!!! Go on, throw a 4 letter word to the universe.

**I’m not still talking myself into it, I promise. chum. 

*** go on laugh!! ahahah Swiss Family Robinson, Every-Lego-Book-Ever, Molly and Pim, Gwendolyn….