Tuesday, March 7, 2017

GUEST HOUSE - poorly photographed tour

In a rash moment last year, I sold my 35mm lens for a pinch of what it cost me... now I only own a 50mm which is just no good for interiors. Couple that with my distinct lack of ability and you've got the above. Forgive me.

Regardless, you can get a little (very close up) glimpse at our little Guest House. It's a charming old building with enormous steel windows and a hand crafted concrete bath tub. Much of it is in original condition with the exception of a lovely rough wooden kitchen that contains all of the usual appliances.

The walls are thick rendered block work with a coat of illusive white paint to the interior. External walls are aged and stained with years of weather. A patina one couldn't in good conscience paint over.

We've kept the furnishings seriously simple... pretty much sending any off-casts from the main house up there for safe keeping. White linen curtains adorn the master bedroom while the rest of the windows are enjoy the same 'nude' treatment. I mean, who doesn't want to be nude?

The house has two bedrooms - the one not photographed here contains bunks but I'm considering turning it into a 'tea room' with a rattan setting and coffee table.

A large loft space sits atop the house - this is the room that shall be filled with bunk beds! In my dreams the house is filled with our friends and their children... A space for summer escapes and winter hide outs by the fire.

Between having friends and family use the space, I'm considering airB&Bing it - does anyone have any experience with this? I'm a total newbie.


  1. What an incredible space! Such a gift to your family and many others no doubt. The whole new property seems AMAZING!

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  5. The photos are still very beautiful. The guest house is very amazing, I love it.
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