Thursday, April 28, 2016


HI!!!! how much fun to write two blog posts in two days! Mum, you must be so happy ** awkward silence**

I haven't really kept on top of the Wednesday Wearing posts but do occasionally get Dave to snap a pic when we have time. Lucky you. **awkward silence**

Gosh I'm having fun!

Cutting to the chase, see links to items below. My most worn pieces at the moment are the Boxy Denim Jackets layered over Ruthie Dresses. I wish it came in other colours as it's just SO easy to wear and feels really flattering over the ever present round tum. And that's it! Huzzah!!!



Zoe Wittner Shoes


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Life Lately - South Coast

 What a wild old ride this life of work, motherhood, independence and dependence is. Like a tsunami of goodness and craziness all at once. Consistent in it's chaos, if nothing else.

Seldom do I make the time to blog these days but tonight I find myself with a glass of Grenache and a  desire to clear my head. So here I am, at the computer - that sexy neon screen that demands so much of my attention Modernity. Post Modernity. Post Post Modernity. Whatever. Technology is a god. Gosh, so deep today.

Anyways, we recently spent one glorious week on the South Coast of NSW and it was GOOD. Like 7th day good. We rested... and ate gelato. It was amazing. Totally real God sanctioned.

With all of the working and stressing that fills our usual weeks it was simply delicious to escape it all and fully engage with the kids for an extended period. They really are wonderful, little people. Always ready with a poo joke or a fart when you least expect it.

We kept our days very simple and worked to highly relaxed schedule of early wake ups, loads of TV before breakfast, beach plays/walks followed by gelato, hot lunches at local cafes, sleeps in the afternoon before following the morning routine of TV and beach once again.

It was just what we needed. A change of scenery. A chance to stop. A bit of proper togetherness.

As school teachers my parents were always really good at taking my bother and I away during the holidays. We always enjoyed caravan park adventures, blow up boating in crystal clear waters and the joy of a meat pie with strawberry milk. I look back at those times with such fondness and with any luck, the sight of the golden sun setting behind enormous rolling hills will conjure happy memories for my kids too.

In other news, our young Elke turns 3 on Sunday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? Three years since that dark haired mystery girl was laid on my chest. Slow down, life. I mean it.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Anna at The Beetle Shack

Bohemian Trader's have launched their latest line – The Urban Arrival – and it does not disappoint. See this collection as your guide to classic seasonal silhouettes that are easy wearing with an 'IT' girl twist. Think off duty fashionistas at Fashion Week, Soho inspired after hours uniforms and a fresh take on Sport Luxe styling. Featuring bold stripes, lush fabrication and timeless cuts that will love you through the cooler months. Peruse The Urban Arrival now. Happy Friday y'all!

Check out The Urban Arrival now.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Photographed by the lovely Jess at Joyess Images

Take a wander through the home of Shannon, Scott, Levi, Amalia and Jonah.
This home is full of light, playful details and fantastic spaces for busy bees and their creative activities. Enjoy the personalities reflected in every room, the pops of colour, the comforting textures and quirky touches.
Full of scope for imagination, this is a home to eat freshly baked cookies, play hide & seek and unwind with a clever little hobby surrounded by the activity of life in.

Savour it and jump in on The Family Home Project, details below for getting involved. We'd love to hear from you. x


Who lives here? (names, occupations, ages of children)
Shannon, designer and founder at Milly Molly Mandy designs, a children's homewares brand.  Husband Scott, a Project Manager, and children Levi (8), Amalia (6) and Jonah (4).

What is your style ethos?
I recently heard it said "This is not my style…I can't afford my style" and it rings so true. I yearn for the natural elements and textures of the Scandinavian, but truly, I love colour. I am attracted to calming greens and blues and fresh whites for the living areas, and I love to use the kids bedrooms as a canvas for all the colours I wouldn't use anywhere else in the main living areas! I would hope that people feel relaxed, welcomed and interested by my home, and so I suppose there is a fair bit of eccentricity in some of my choices. 

Who/what inspires your style?
I am inspired less these days by interior professionals and more by friends and loved ones, who are thoroughly enjoying their homes. It reminds me, I can't get it too wrong in my own home if I am loving moving and functioning in its spaces, as long as there is balance in each room.
I have personally felt quite overwhelmed with my social media feeds filled to the brim with interiors, and began to question my tastes and desires in pursuit of the must-haves. Happily, I have moved past this (with the exception of a stash of Kmart goodies, srsly, that needs no explaining!).

Where is your favourite place to sit?
As a family we spend our time in the living room, chatting, reading, watching TV, laughing with friends, all while looking out at the tall trees and wall of green of the back garden. We love that in one large open plan area I can potter away at the sewing machine and keep an eye on constant traffic at the kitchen island while kids unearth all manner of craft, scoff snacks and generally create mess. 

What are your future plans/dreams for your house?
We are busily creating plans for some practical and beautiful updates for the house, which include new wooden flooring, built in cabinetry for the lounge and a wall length of bench storage seating for the dining table. I am ready to move my little stitch industry away from the family rooms and welcome back the return of an actual dining room. 

Any tips for someone who might like to emulate your style (places to shop, key items colours etc)?
I love to buy decorator gems from non generic shops, the types of store you may find on your travels on holiday, because I believe there is nothing better than a piece with your favourite memories attached to it. But I would highly recommend partnering these with high street store items to keep your home contemporary and light. Although we love colour, we have settled on a blue and green palette, which can easily be warmed up in winter with blushes, peaches and coppers, and equally cooled down in summer with mint, pale blue and whites.

Do you have any quirky “obsessions” for types of furniture or things (books, spoons, throws etc)?
I am a fairly ruthless declutterer, so collections don't really stand a chance in my house, however I do have an unnatural amount of vases and ceramics. 

What are your top three items and where are they from?
I love our John Corby artwork, which we splurged on in our child free years, a nod to the beaches we lived on, and my career as an Art Historian.
I have always loved our wall of 3 giant Billy Bookcases, with glass uppers from Ikea, which has so loyally housed my fabric addiction, piles of bears and bunnies and all things Milly Molly Mandy.
Most recently we added a Mocka Basse Coffee Table to the living room, and I love everything about it. Its plywood, its the perfect size and it was the right price.

Where are your regular online shopping haunts?
So, I could set up camp in Freedom.
But there are staple must-haves from Ikea I can never look past, and then there is Kmart.

However, I literally feel giddy and ethereal when visiting Barbara Storehouse in Mittagong, Southern Highlands of NSW. The range and the value are so perfect, and her styling prowess is dangerously good, its always 5-0 to Barbara when I leave.

Please list the key items in your home and where they’re from:
Basse Table, Mocka
Kallax storage bookcase, Ikea (front entry)
Coast Hooks, Bed Bath N Table
Round mirror, Kmart
Wall stickers, Adairs and Homely Creatures,
Linen mostly Adairs
Office desk, Officeworks
Seal Art Print, Isa Form, Sweden
Animal Prints, Studio Cockatoo
Billy Bookcases with Glass uppers, Ikea

If you had to choose your favourite piece what would it be?
I adore the Aleida Pullar indigo dot ceramics I bought locally at Avoca. Seriously, is there anything better than buying something so magical from a local craftsman? Especially when you could never make it yourself and admire the skill and years of honing.

What makes a house a home?
Surely, a home is somewhere you can't wait to get back to, somewhere that, even covered by a layer of mess, still sings you welcome when you arrive. 


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