Friday, March 4, 2016

HOW TO FLAT LAY (on your iPhone)

Anna at The Beetle Shack

Grab your phone, a few of your favourite things and let's nail this flat lay like a boss!

Step 1: Define the area you're going to shoot in. You can either mark the area out with tape or objects or you might make your background (board, fabric or paper) the perfect size so you know your boundary (the plant isn't serving any purpose here except to pretty up a blank page, it's the markings you want to pay attention to).*
Tip: Choose a basic background – versatility & simplicity is key. A white sheet, a wooden table or floor are all great easy backgrounds.

Step 2: Use one or two of your larger objects as the starting place.
Tip: Often objects with nice clean lines (square, rectangular, circular) are easier to work around and build your feast for the eyes! (Too much? it's just a flat lay I know...)

Step 3: Style it up!
Tip: Try sticking to a theme to help you choose your pieces. This little number is very loosely named "these are a few of my essential things". Go figure.

Step 4: Shoot that final look lady!

Step 5: Now that you've got it, be obsessive and change it up a bunch of times and shoot it every which way. I would (and did).
Tip: Live things always bring movement and, well, life to your images. So plants, fresh flowers and fresh foods are always a great idea. Fail that, throw your hands in and create a human element... not so easy to do when you're shooting on your iPhone (which I was) and you don't have a tripod. But still worth mentioning! 

A few extra tips:
a) Try to shoot during the day when you can take advantage of as much natural light as possible. I lost the afternoon sun a little in some of these.
b) Leave a nice amount of "white space" between your objects.
c) A little twist always draws attention.
d) Have fun.

Go forth and flat lay my pretties. And let me know how it goes!?

P.S Instagram lets you post portrait shaped images now, not just square! I know life changer! So that's why I strategically shot the above portrait. There is method to the madness I assure you.

*The irony of my "flat-laying" a "how to shoot a flat lay" is not lost on me. Promise. And I had way too much fun doing it...


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