Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Week In My Wardrobe

Denim Jacket | size M

The Pia silhouette is one of my VERY fave's from the current collection. It's so easy to throw on and covers a multitude of sins (including bloating, hairy legs and other such inconveniences). It can be dressed up with heels and a leather jacket or dressed down with denim and boots- or any combo in-between.

Bohemian Traders Bucket Bag
Vintage Boots

Yes, I have been getting a lot of wear out of my swing dress. I'll layer this number over jeans as the weather cools down too.

Vegan Suede Vest | size S

A second outfit for a casual dinner at home with friends, I'm choosing the Josie Dress layered with a little black vest. Very easy wearing but smart enough to look appropriate.

Zoe Kratzmaan Shoes | last season

Perfect for mid week work with a meeting or two. If I'm looking exhausted, it's because I AM!!! I bet you are too, right!? I didn't iron this dress, probably should have but you know.

Penny Shirt | size S
Sandler Shoes

Penny Shirt | size S

One outfit two ways. The first for a casual work day, the other for dinner out. Bohemian Traders Penny Shirt is another fave from the current collection. It's made from mid weight rayon and has nice splits to the sides - perfect with the Distressed Skinny Jeans (perfection in denim- get your name on the wait list today). 

A dreamy floaty dress is a must for the A/W wardrobe. This one is perfectly layer able and very nice to wear.

Louis Vuitton Bag

YEAH! Black on black on black. It'll take you anywhere.

And lastly, the Pia Dress in black for very simple, throw on style. Easy Peasy.
Pia Dress | size S


After being inspired by my friend Rachel from Redcliffe Style, I've decided to share 'A Week In My Wardrobe'. I'm enjoying being able to dress myself for work each day - I even wear heels on a semi regular basis! Gasp!!

Even though I'm now able to wear makeup and a bra each and every day, I still stay true to my sloppy dressing desires. Lazy dresses, classic stripes and boho detailing just to keep things finished.

So there we go- A week in my wardrobe. Also my last week with long hair- I'm chopping it ALL off tomorrow! WHOOP!!!


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  2. Em you are gorgeous! Love seeing your outfits, and can't wait to see the new haircut. The stripe swing dress is my favourite.

  3. Oh Em, you gorgeous lady you....
    Ronnie xo

  4. I love the two bags on outfit two - keeping it real. I'm often two bagging it - one for all the miscellaneous junk that seems so necessary and a smaller one so my phone and wallet don't get lost in the miscellaneous junk. My fave outfit is the second last one though. And you always have the coolest shoes. x

  5. You've inspired me to go shopping, because all these outfits are gorgeous! Loving the Ella dress :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. So much to love here!! Gorgeous.

  7. You are the best advertisement for Bohemian Traders! What a spunky real life catalogue :)

  8. I agree with Imogen, great shoes! Also you're looking wonderful. x

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  11. I love all your looks~ They are all beautiful~~
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