Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The Beetle Shack team

It's that time again, here's a quick round up of what we're winding down with, revving up for and looking forward to at the end of the day over at The Beetle Shack.

WATCHING: Peaky Blinders - gah! A Gangster family living in Birmingham in 1919. Think almost 20s fashion, race days, whisky and totally addictive accents! You HAVE to watch it. Savour it. Get OBSESSED with it. We dare you not too. Find more info on IMBD here (it's on Netflix!)

READING: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. First published in 1997, this book won a Booker Prize and we can see why. The language is beautiful, it assaults your senses and gets under your skin. We're part way through and it's a truly unique read. Goodreads gives the following introduction; "The year is 1969. In the state of Kerala, on the southernmost tip of India, fraternal twins Esthappen and Rahel fashion a childhood for themselves in the shade of the wreck that is their family." Find it on Goodreads here.

WEARING: Colour and detail clashes of white & cream and navy & black (more to come on this soon) suffice to say, we've been living in our Bohemian Traders Embroidered Moonflower Shorts. You need these in your life, they are darling. And currently on sale! Woo.

SCENTED BY: Sam's Natural Deodorant. This little gems are all natural and cruelty free and they feel amazing on the skin. Essentially a roll on deodorant, they have the loveliest subtle scents and they feel more like a balm than a liquid when they go on. And they seriously work all day! So good. Check them out here.

CRAVING: Homemade bliss balls. Try this recipe for a tahini based batch here.

MOVING: Yoga for runners. Yoga is always on the agenda these days but lately we've been aiming specifically for moves that release the tension in the legs and (ahem) bottom! Otherwise you can get so tight that it pulls on your neck and back, no good. The Yoga Studio app is still our go to and it has an awesome section of classes that are intended for runners. Check it out here.

Have a beautiful evening! And get into Peaky Blinders, you won't regret it.

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