Monday, February 15, 2016

WEARING | MOONFLOWER SHORTS & LUCY LACE BLOUSE (cheeky cream & white together!)

Anna at The Beetle Shack

Eek! It's my wearing debut, be nice folks! I've forgotten how to smile somewhere between high school and now.
What better way to kick start my foray into the world of wearing (and a lovely Monday!) than with a big ole myth-busting! I've thought myself quite the clever one pairing colours together that my mum would recoil from. This little Cream & White ensemble came together in a hurried flurry of running out the door for work! And if I may say so myself the "White & Cream should never be seen thing" kind of works. My beautiful embroidered shorts are in the loveliest cotton muslin (the same as Em's top and dress) and light as a feather to wear on hot, sticky days. I use the pockets everyday. And confession, I feel like a 'cool girl' in these. They're a bit "high fashun" in my mind. The gorgeous top is also cotton and everytime I wear it I get the sweetest compliments. It's one of those special pieces that feels a bit like a vintage / treasure chest find. If I wasn't already married I'd place this lovingly in my glory box. Tangent.
I think the thing that might help ground the whole look is the accidental dark accessories – black purse, sunnies and my fav navy suede sandals. Another fashion faux pas that I love being all bad ass and challenging – Navy and Black together. So good. More on that at a later date. When I take this little look into Spring I'm super pumped to add my brand spanking new Black Denim Jacket – gah! What fun!

Thanks for having me. Are there any colours you love to clash and experiment with? I think I've found a new obsession.


Will add to look: Bohemian Traders Black Denim Jacket | s
LouenHide purse
AM Eyewear Sunnies
Sportscraft Sandals


  1. Love a colour clash. Love the Lucy Lace blouse. Lovely to see the face behind the posts. Loving the read :)

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em