Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WEARING | GINGHAM SMOCK + (a sneaky peak of BT's new) DENIM JACKET

Who doesn't love a smock? I know, I know- they make one look pregnant and are generally unflattering but WHO CARES? A good smock with enough length (no upper thighs with legs like mine, thanks) is a wardrobe essential. It covers a multitude of carbohydrate related winds, I mean sins.

This little gingam number (sold out in this print but still available in a few others) is 100% cotton, doesn't really need ironing (does it, mum?) and it's a dream to wear. The only thing required that is a slight inconvenience is shaving the ol' legs.

Throw on a denim jacket and I'm calling myself 'dressed' for work.

In other news- HI KIDS!!!! How cute are they?

Thanks for indulging me once again on this fine Wednesday.

As a side note, Bohemian Traders has an extra 20% off storewide today only. Clearance stock will be removed from Bohemian Traders eboutique tonight.


Bohemian Traders Boxy denim Jacket | coming soon
Zoe Wittner Heels


  1. Hello kids. Super cute and so grown. Gah! I've been reading your blog for so long that they're still wee babes in my mind. How has the time gone by so quickly?

  2. Ooo I love you in those clothes Em. Will I look like that if I wear them too! xx

  3. Look how big Elke is! Also, stop it with the "unflattering", this looks great on you and I am envious of your legs. You are looking great, it's nice to stop by again! xx

  4. I've always loved that dress and you look lovely in it. The new range is looking fine! Exciting.

  5. You look gorgeous.

    But seriously, look how big your kids are now! Elke's long legs and the other two in school!!!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em