Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Yep, I'm obsessed with these denim jackets. They're seriously soft from the very first wear and a really flattering cut. Boxy through the body but neat on the shoulders - perfect for all shapes and sizes, not to mention can be worn for every occasion.

I'm teaming the blue denim with a black Scoop Neck Dress and sneakers for busy warehouse days - a comfort-first ensemble but 'dressed' enough for the office/school run/grocery store if necessary (and lets face it- they're all always necessary). I sized up to a Medium in the blue wash for a super casual look. Gosh this is interesting.

The Linen Smock in white is the perfect base for the Black Wash Jacket. I got in the Small for a dressier look. I won't be able to button it up but wanted it more fitted across the shoulders.


Bohemian Traders Premium Denim Jacket for the WIN!!


Scoop Neck Dress | size S
Denim Jacket | size M
Chanel Boy Bag
Adidas Sneakers

Linen Smock | size S | currently on sale
Zoe Wittner Shoes


  1. Caitlin Twist of CaitFebruary 19, 2016 at 12:32 PM

    A denim jacket over a black casual dress is one of my favourite combos... Looking divine once again Ms Em (see what I did there hehe)

  2. Damn your gorgeous lady. Love these looks, you are radiant.

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