Thursday, February 4, 2016


By Anna at The Beetle Shack

Thank goodness for Denim. Seriously what would we all wear on days like these when it's overcast and wet outside and I have to reschedule my leg waxing appointment yet again!? Skinnies a comfy raglan and my denim jacket is the answer. Life savers.

With my sad little life update done let's delve into 2016's trends for our beloved Denim, don't worry it's all good news. The skinnies and double denim for days like these get to stay! Whoopee! 

(NOTE: While technically all true, these trends may or may not be discussed in my own "healthy" sardonic voice with a running and admittedly snarky commentary. I promise to dislodge my tongue from my cheek for the serious stuff. Like shoes. We don't joke about shoes around here.) click READ MORE below for true denim enlightenment..

Black Skinny Jeans (a very good place to start)
These babies are here to stay and why wouldn't they be? They look good with everything, they're the perfect sexy replacement for a dress (with hot heels and some bling) when you're not "feeling it" and they're basically just a socially acceptable replacement for your own skin. That's settled then, Black Skinnies are the new birthday suit. Hand me the cake let's celebrate!

Double Denim, it's ok it's still a thing again!
Phew! Dodged a bullet here. Thank the heavens the fashion gods have deemed distressed blue skinnies and a matching or not so matching (as it happens) jacket or shirt on trend and hot to trot. Go forth my beauties and lather yourself in all the denim you can, and be merry. But seriously do it, it's wildly satisfying.

Distressing and aggressively slashed holes
I know people like my Dad think it's insane to "wreck" a perfectly "fine" pair of "slacks" (he doesn't say slacks but how mind-glowingly awesome would it be if he did). Here's what I say to them – it looks "cool" and it allows "airflow" to all "regions". I like the holes, they make me feel badass like clove cigarettes and awesome regrowth. SO they stay.

Skinny Jeans, yep we know it's here twice.
They just look good. In all the colours. And if you can find a pair with the right amount of stretch and the perfect ratio of rise and length so that you can do the cool girl roll (remember that at school?) or leave them long you're wearing heels you're golden. Embrace the skinnies ladies. I just have one term for you to avoid plumbers cracks and muffins or pastries of any sort: mid-rise. It's a thing and it will change your life.

Colours & Washes – Classic Indigo, Distressed, Blue Washed Black
Speaking of all the colours. Here's what's in. Delicious Indigo in skinny jeans with that lush tan top stitching. These gems are your "dressy" jeans. Your go to for when you want to look "nice" (I know I'm really going to town with the inverted commas, I'll stop. Soon.)
Distressed Blue which is amazing all year around with anything and everything in the way of skinnies or a vintage-inspired jacket (hence the double denim blabber above).
Black or washed black. We've covered the birthday suit skinnies. The other form of glorious black denim is a really great dressy jacket. Something with a bit of sophistication and swagger about. Almost like the denim version of your leather jacket. 
White denim and Chambray is also a bit of a thing but in my mind they're a summer trend so we'll let those lovely Europeans rock it through June & July and wait and see if come Summer we want to follow suit.

What Denim pieces can you just not live without? Tell me specifics, I want to hear all the juicy details. 

Images sourced via Pinterest. If your image is featured here, please let us know! We’d love to credit you. 

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  1. Winter is ending now and these cute legging. From the I get some more ideas to wear for these days.


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