Friday, February 12, 2016


Anna at The Beetle Shack

In our house when the topic of Valentine's Day plans comes up we have been known to smile smugly at each other while explaining that we don't "do" Valentine's Day. If we're being nice we'd probably say that we celebrate our love for each other every day and if we're being cynical we'd say that we think it's trashy and too "American" for our little Aussie establishment. But this year (as with so many other things that I've often taken for granted that we just "do" or "don't do") I've been trying to look at this from a different perspective. Maybe in our busy, chaotic weeks a day set aside to celebrate the ones you love isn't such a bad idea. It's not "Celebrate People You Hate Day". It's not particularly gender biased, nor is it based around any one religion or race either. Not the modern version of the day anyway. Could be some good neutral ground? Regardless, here are some ideas on how to thoughtfully partake or gracefully opt out of February 14th's shenanigans this year.

STAY IN. Order your takeaway, binge watch your Netflix series and do it all in the delicious comfort of home with the one (or ones) you love snuggled up beside you. That's in my top 10 date nights for sure.

DINE OUT, LOCALLY. You may not want to buy in to all the commercial blather but supporting your local food scene is always a worthwhile venture. Make a reservation at your favourite little spot. Byo delicious italian wine and have a good catch up in the comfort of a familiar place that's 10mins from home.

DIY. Homemade gifts are always so authentically delightful. Rather than splashing out on a big ticket item, bake a cake, cut off some shorts, pot a plant, frame a photo. Whatever craft works for you, your special someone is sure to appreciate a little time and thought. And home projects are also memory makers. You're going to want to keep those trinkets in the family.

SHOP FOR YOURSELF. For a while now when birthdays and other holidays worth celebrating come around we'll often give ourselves a bit of an "allowance" and then enjoy the experience of guilt free shopping for some nice luxurious for ourselves. Often we'll end up researching or window browsing together which is fun in and of itself but as responsible adults these days it's nice to get a bit of a free pass to spend some hard-earned cash on yourself. Just quietly, Bohemian Traders' brand new  Premium Denim line has got to be your first stop. The Jackets – dear God. They are sublime. And skinnies in three superb colours? That's a date night right there. Those bad boys are hot to trot.

GO FOR A BUSH WALK. Just a little one. Pick a spot with a spectacular view and book it in. If you really want to go all out, pack a picnic lunch (or just some antipasto - that's my go to picnic lunch any day) and a towel and find a spot under a tree to stop together. Delicious.

However you spend your day, have a sublime weekend lovers. And do tell if you have anything planned,, make me jealous.

Illustration above by the very talented (and romantic) Erin Fiore.


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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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