Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Anna at The Beetle Shack

Heading off on any trip can be stressful and a little overwhelming. Especially if, like what I can only assume in most families is the norm, you're taking off during a busy time for the purpose of getting away and stopping. It can all seem a bit counterproductive adding yet another thing to your to do list.

Something that I get teased for but has truly made all the difference in getting away in not too much of a flap is starting to pack ahead of time, rather than the night before. I think it also adds to the anticipation of the trip which is half the fun in my world and it means you can be as indecisive as you like. Think of it as your physical short list which you'll then make a final edit of right before you go. I like to get my suitcase out and as I'm sorting washing or tidying up I throw things that I know I'll want to take with me in my bag. I don't have children so if you do and you're reading this thinking "honey ain't nobody got time for that" forgive me. We live a pretty chaotic lifestyle at our place with not much time in between work, sport and play too but if you can make the time (15mins one night here, 10mins one morning there) to potter around and pack, who knows you might even enjoy it!

The other school of thought I subscribe to is to take all your favourite things! It's a nice way to end up with all the clothing, shoes, accessories etc that you love and want to enjoy and be comfortable in while you're away. And that way you don't have to worry too much about making the right decisions – take your favourite jacket, jumper, jeans, dress, shorts, skirt, undies, cozzie etc and soon you'll have too many things to actually lug around. That's what I love about a road trip – no carry on limits!

So that's fashion and your suitcase sort of covered in a random flow of babble. Onto my other favourite thing – food! We love cooking while we're away. We totally love checking out little cafes and restaurants too but part of relaxing for me is having the time and headspace to cook. My all time road trip high moment is hitting a little road side produce stall on the way into your destination and grabbing whatever fruit and vege looks good. To ensure our culinary experiments are all properly seasoned I love packing my special olive oil, salt and pepper (and some herbs from the garden if I can be bothered!) Also, wine. And beer. And Baileys. And whiskey. These are all top of the priority list and normally packed first in our car, along with the babies (aka surfboard options). Oh and snacks for the car! I am seriously addicted to chips of any kind so we always have ample as our holiday treat. And chocolate but that goes without saying right?

Ok you've got your threads, your eats, your drinks so looking at this road trip business as a sensory experience the only thing left (as you'll be seeing your sights as you go, clever aren't I?) is your tunes! We (are totally dorky don't worry I realise this) always buy a new album or two on iTunes once we're on the road and listen to the album through about 100 times. It's a nice way to fall in love with some new music and do it to death so that you never want to listen to it again but if you happen to hear it, it'll remind you of your trip! I think that's everything. Hope I haven't forgotten anything but then you always do when you go away don't you!? Last thought for the day – most places have shops! So don't stress or just make it up as you go, it's half the place of being in a new place. We'll get to the actual trip part at some point... Until then happy adventure's y'all.


  1. Great post! I agree a little bit here and there during the week before trip builds anticipation. I also love taking my favourite clothes - means you love everything you wear.

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  2. Thanks Mel! So glad I'm not alone in that approach. We did head off for a little getaway in the end and I managed to get all my favourites into the suitcase and enjoy the process again. So nice!

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