Monday, February 8, 2016


Anna at The Beetle Shack

It can be hard to find wardrobe staples that are going to be practical and look great for "work days" (whatever that looks like for you) but that you're still going to enjoy wearing on the weekends. There's nothing worse than wearing something to work and then feeling like you can't wear it for fun and play anymore because it's been dulled down as your "work clothes".
The key for me is choosing pieces that are comfortable enough to wear all day at work but "me" enough that I feel like myself when I'm wearing them casually and for fun over the weekend. Read on for a few simple thoughts on making your wardrobe work for you throughout the week.

Here's a few thoughts from my wardrobe to yours. These are a few things besides the obvious like a classic white tee or what have you. Picture the darling talking wardrobe from Beauty & the Beast when you peruse this list "Darling you'll look ravishing in this one!" Pretty please picture it (I couldn't help it, now you have to picture it).

A great DRESS or two.
You do need a couple of dresses that you can wash and wear over and over that are modest enough that you don't feel like anything is hanging out for work or play. And they need to be classic enough (not too zany) so that you can repeat them without the danger of seeming like you never wash! My go to is either stripes or a geometric print like gingham or plaid. Easy to wear, hides marks and stains and if it's good quality it shouldn't crumple throughout the day! Also, pockets! Why would you go without!?

A stylish pair of flats.
After Christmas I went on a search for the perfect pair of sandals. I had tan in my mine but couldn't find anything to suit. I ended up with a gorgeous pair of navy suede flats that are quite modern looking. My tip: If you find a style that works for you buy them in another colour. It's what our Mother's do and if you're a little late to the party (I have been) our Mother's are clever cookies! With this in mind I promptly purchased these same flats in white leather (they also came in animal print!) so I can thrash them at work everyday and only wear the suede on definite non-rainy days! This is where Saltwater Sandals are winners too.

A comfortable pair of soft shorts or light boho pants. Or both.
I vote both. Firstly, I live in shorts. They not rude for when you're running around and bending over and they look a little edgy when worn smart casually with a low heel. I think they serve my inner tomboy too which I just love. In saying this I've started getting my legs waxed regularly and right before my next appointment my legs are the stuff of small children's nightmares so a light pair of boho pants are my go to on hot days.

A relaxed Denim Jacket. little gem has been somewhat life changing. It never needs washing, it makes me look cool (until I describe myself as looking cool) with minimal effort and it actually goes with everything. Vintage inspired and entirely on trend do yourself a favour and nab yourself a Denim Jacket. My tip: Don't go too fitted, I need for this piece to stay versatile (or I'll be lost!) so I love that mine is big enough to wear layers under. A boxy shape with sleeves that you can roll up or down is golden.

Pictured above:
Bohemian Traders Gingham Folk Smock $119 (Also in delicious White Linen $89 or Moroccan Summer $89)
Bohemian Traders Oversized Summer Dress in Latte $79
Sportscraft Amber Sandal (price NA)
Bohemian Traders Chambray Short $79
Bohemian Traders Flume Pant $59
Vintage Jacket (price NA)

What are your go to easy wearing pieces? Do you have one or two things that are on repeat and take you from the weekend to work and back again?


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