Monday, February 22, 2016


Anna at The Beetle Shack

We missed out little annual stop, breath and plan for the new year over Summer this year as we'd both decided to work through with busy schedules at both our jobs. So when the chance came up to take a long weekend away we were looking for somewhere super relaxing, nature-driven and we normally like to go somewhere we haven't been before. 

Pambula NSW did just the trick for out little road trip. My husband had stayed in the caravan park there as a kid but neither of us had been as adults and it ticked all of the boxes. Much like my over-zealous packing techniques I love researching houses and airbnbs to stay in when we're planning a getaway and took to compiling a list for days of all the options. It actually turned out that for the time we wanted there weren't many places suited for a couple. We went with a little newly renovated cottage that was right on Lions Beach which turned out to be a slightly more secluded spot from the main surf beach.

When we arrived I squealed like a delighted kid at the spot, the beach was in our backyard separated only by a little green belt where the locals went for their morning and evening walks everyday. We were greeted by a lovely group of roos (I sound like a such a city girl getting fuzzy over them  but they really just are amazing creatures, I never tired of seeing a cute joey face sticking out of a pouch. And don't worry that doesn't mean I turn my nose up at roo snags - such yummy lean eating! Doing our bit for the over-run farmers...) and the house was a clean and simple little cottage with painted white boards throughout and ugly by minimally styled interiors. Perfect! Plenty of space to breath! 

Our days consisted of lazy sleep ins, my love using his all-press to make us a yummy black coffee (he's totally geeking out with all his Christmas coffee toys at the moment) and then finally venturing out to final some local food and a decent milky coffee. Pretty nice life I know. Here's my quick little go for places to see and spots to eat and drink if you ever happen to visit the lovely little sleepy town of Pambula. We will definitely go back (I think it would be an awesome place for little kids) and next time we'll say extra prayers for surf-able waves. It's a bit cheeky but I kinda like that the universe always conspires to provide us with silky seas and not a set to be seen so that the Mister and I get some well earned hang time. Poor love, on our honeymoon to the ever-surfable Bali we didn't see a single decent wave in our two weeks!!! When does that happen!? I digress, the lists:

To see & do:
Pambula Markets (Rotary and a locals craft one) in town the second Sunday of every month - check local guides.
Pambula River walking track (crystal clear blue water, soft sand and amazing wildlife everywhere you turn)
Eden (a quaint little town with lots of history and amazing views from the Peninsula)
Lions Beach (this is where we stayed. I saw an Echidna on the first day fossicking about – so sublime! Amazing place to walk and play all over the rocks no matter how young or old you are*)

To eat & drink:
Sprout cafe, Eden (great organic produce, yummy fresh food and ok coffee)
Bar Beach Kiosk, Bar Beach Merimbula (this was an AMAZING spot to swim and the kiosk do a yummy brekky and decent coffee. We were spotting stingrays from our breakfast spot in the crystal clear water)
Santa Fe Mexican, Merimbula (ginormous decent food and cocktails all day. Thank you Sir!)
Wheelers Oyster Farm & Seafood Restaurant is the spot all the local sites plug but we never actually got there. It looked nice though!

Where's your go-to spot that's not too far to drive? This took us 7 hours with stops for yummy lunch along the way. And normally we do tend to go north but going south was SO refreshing.

*Oh the rocks! I was in raptures over the colours and textures. They were amazing. I sounds like a total geologist geek but do you know what, I think I'm ok with it after seeing these amazing specimens. I'll be buying a book on rocks in no time.

Sorry for the full on couple's getaway happy snaps. I was just in LOVE with the entire landscape and of course my gorgeous roman god of a husband. Feel free to scroll through, fast.


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