Friday, January 29, 2016


By Anna at The Beetle Shack

Not to sound too much like a dramatic tree-hugger (I do love trees) but sometimes I have to be really mindful about getting a decent dose of Nature into my day. It's so easy to have your five devices going practically all day long while you sit in an (admittedly comfortable) air-conditioned room, fielding calls or requests from the family, tidying up, running around, sit back down, jump up and down, touch the ground. And when the day is done you haven't once stopped to, well, smell the roses  is I guess what my mum would say. There's nothing better for a clear head and a happy heart than a horizon line over the ocean, some cliched sand-between your toes or a lush, quiet, tree-filled space to gaze at.

Here are some of my go-to's for adding a little Flora back into your busy day.

1. Go for a walk, even if it's 10mins, try to make time in the morning or night to wander your street while you look up at the sky, trees and sticky beak at the neighbours garden. It truly always hits the spot.

2. Love your garden. Be it pretty potted flowers or peppers & basil for your dinner – visit your plants. They thrive (apparently) on positive vibes and a bit of TLC. And it will make you smile to see how they're getting on.

3. Stop and listen. If you can't get outside during your lunch break or through the day, find a quiet spot by the window and listen out for what's around you. Birds, wind, rain – just tuning in to the weather can inject a little bit of peace into the chaos.

4. Breathe and have a glass of water. I once heard someone on the radio talking about the most simple and accessible ways to maintain your mental health. Taking some deep breaths and having a drink of water were two of them (some easy things you can do for someone else who might be struggling too). I might be taking this too far but I have a sneaky feeling it's the elements that do the trick – wind & water (sounds like the beginning of Captain Planet!)

5. Do life outside as much as possible OR let the outside into your home. When we moved recently I realised while I didn't need, although I would have loved, a dishwasher or a built-in-robe or whatever, top of my list was sunshine and outdoor living areas. Eat brekkie outside. Open up all your windows all the time. Find your sunny spots in the house and put chairs or pillows in the sunlight so that you can make the most of it.

It's not much but I think it really helps.

Do you have any tips for bringing Nature into your world regularly? Any special spot you like to visit? Do tell, I'm always on the look out for more.


  1. I love this list. I am trying to be more with nature this year.

  2. Thanks Sam, so glad to hear it resonates with someone else. It's just so good for the headspace when you do take a few fresh breaths isn't it!?

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