Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Okay, lets just get this out of the way first- that regrowth is OFF THE HOOK. I'm going to call the hairdresser right now and get it dealt with... okay done. Next Thursday my hair will be all better, promise.

Anyways, hi! How are you? I'm great- so excited about School Holidays and Christmas with family. I hope you're feeling on top of things and the present shopping isn't weighing you down too much.

These are 3 staple outfits that will get me though the next few weeks in the lead up to the crazy season. All 100% cotton and very easy wearing. 

MOROCCAN SUMMER SMOCK - a very floaty dress that is SO forgiving. It doesn't touch a single piece of skin after skimming the bust. It's long enough to be practical and the print means it's a little bit 'statement-y' because that's a thing.

UTILITY SHORT + MOROCCAN SINGLET - casual weekend wear, as you do. I love these utility shorts. I find that they're the perfect length without being too short and skimpy. 

SWEETHEART SINGLET + MOROCCAN SUMMER SKIRT - my dressy outfit. tah dah! Easy peasy plus it hides my round tum. Seriously how long should it take to lose the pregnant belly? I haven't grown a child in 2.5 years and I go to personal training 3 times a week yet I STILLLLL look 6 months pregnant. Not cool man. 

My new shoes are from Zoe Wittner. I bought them in black too and they are SO comfortable for a high heel. Get them, you won't regret it.

Great, that was fun. Ehum, right?

Oh in other VERY exciting news, BOHEMIAN TRADERS are having a Champagne Shopping night at the Erina Boutique tomorrow from 2-7. If you're located on or near the Central Coast, please do pop in for a glass of bubbly and exclusive discounts. It's time to conquer that Christmas Shopping!!


  1. Im in love with this print! I was set on the Shift dress but after seeing you in the skirt, I can't decide! Looking lovely and stylish as usual xo

    1. Oh Caitlin, I LOVE the Shift Dress... seriously, I would go that over the skirt to be honest. It is perfection! I'd do a wearing post with that next week but Jodi @ Practising Simplicity is wearing the linen version on her blog today! xx


  2. Cuuuuuuute kids and you are rocking that dress. The kids have all grown so much. Ill be looking up that dress STAT!! You had me 'statement-y'!!

    1. Oh my goodness Elisha, the kids are so grown up now. I just can't believe it!! I can BREATHE again- it's just wonderful.

      Yes, get the dress, it's so light and easy and well, Statement-y ;) xx

  3. You look AH-MAZING babe face. LOVE it all xx


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