Thursday, December 10, 2015


Bohemian Traders are hosting another Champagne Shopping event at their exclusive boutique showroom this Thursday 10th December. 11am – 7pm. The last one was such a hit they couldn't wait to open their doors again!

The Erina Boutique is the kiddie friendly and the perfect spot to finalise your Christmas shopping and enjoy a nice glass of bubbly. 

Experience the latest Moroccan Summer collection with divine 100% cotton sateen prints and vibrant splashes of blue and white. Try these special pieces on in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Plus enjoy exclusive discounts and a unique selection of Christmas Gifts when you join us in store.

Round up your friends and family for an intimate evening of relaxed shopping.

Bohemian Traders Show Room
4/13 Bonnal Road
Erina NSW 2250

Image sourced from Pinterest


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