Monday, December 7, 2015


By The Beetle Shack team

This Christmas, wouldn't it be lovely to add a little boho to your tree, Christmas Day table and home? We've done a bit of digging and put together a collection of gorgeous inspiration tables to get the juices flowing. Plus our 5 tips for adding a pinch of boho to your home this season.

Images sourced via Google, Pinterest and Bohemian Traders. If your image is featured here, please let us know! We’d love to credit you. 

1. Go for an eclectic mix of Christmas Decorations – don't stick to one colour way or one kind of decoration. Try a mix of things. We like some delicate glass (closer to the top away from itching hands) to catch and reflect light. Hand painted is always gorgeous and festive. And of course home made is always best to bring life and character to your home and tree.

2. Include an array of textures – be sure to include any and every texture for a wonderful plethora of patterns and shapes. Timber, fur, feathers, foliage, textiles, glassware, brassware, crockery, metals – whatever takes your fancy!

3. Lay it out like a feast – some of the best styling advice we've been given is to lay everything out like it's a true feast. Have fruit toppling out of the bowl, have your centrepieces encroaching on guest's eating personal space. The key to a setting feeling effortless is imperfection and natural movement.

4. The more the merrier – in this styling situation there is no such thing as too much. Laden up that table and tree! More cushions, more flowers, more throws, more soft candle-light. Go nuts.

5. Fresh flowers and greenery are a must. A room without plants or flowers is lifeless. Fill your table, side boards and floorspace with loads of plants and overflowing vases with fresh blooms. They never fail to lift spirits and bring smiles all around.

Do you have any tips for adding a touch of boho to you home? And has everyone got their trees up? Any fun DIY projects out there? Love to hear your thoughts.


  1. love the ideas - very sweet and relaxing

  2. Soooo pretty. Maybe something to aim for next year. I'm loving the regular updates at the shack again!!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em