Saturday, December 12, 2015


By Gina Grace Knight

Part 2 of Gina's amazing journey through Morocco with her husband and beautiful baby boy. This is her re-cap of the sights, foods, wares and her own travelling fashion from their trip. Enjoy.


It's such a beautiful country! And so photogenic. Morocco is small but so diverse. Their are mountains, beaches, desert, big ancient cities, mud brick caspas, gorges – it has a bit of everything. The architecture is so beautiful, every city or town has its own style. The smaller villages are made of mud. It was so interesting seeing that the village is the exact same colour as the earth. The people were so beautiful and welcoming. They are very family orientated.


Every city had its souks, which were market places. They sold Berber rugs, cushions, wedding blankets, throws, floor cushions which were hand woven and naturally dyed. There was brassware like teapots and serving trays, amazing silver Berber jewellery, hand woven baskets, hand painted ceramics and leather shoes and bags. Everything was so old, authentic, handwoven or handmade by Berber people (indigenous people of Morocco) and such good quality. There was Argan oil for cooking or beauty.


The food was delicious. Couscous with vegetables, vegetable tajine, eggplant garlic dip, fresh bread, fresh salads, olives olives olives, fresh orange juice and fresh fruit. Everything was so fresh and organic. You could see the people growing their own food and squeezing their own orange juices, making mint tea – it's hard to find alcohol being a Muslim country. After about two weeks we did get a bit sick of the food. In Australia we are so spoilt having the choice of different food every night ie. Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian. I definitely struggled with having Moroccan every meal. Luckily because Morocco is so close to Europe, there was often nice pastas or gnocchi which I found myself having more of by the end of the trip.

Travelling with a Baby

Traveling with Biko was great. We found that you get a lot of help when traveling with a baby. We got to skip queues at airports, bus and train stations. It was so nice driving in cars not having to worry about baby car seats and seatbelts. Biko could sit on our laps and he could breastfeed, it felt so much more natural and nicer than home. In general the people would go out of their way to help us out. We felt so looked after. We had heard that Morocco was a very baby friendly place and it really is true. Even teenage boys would come up and kiss Biko on the head. On bikos birthday, our hotel owner got his family to organise a party for Biko in their mud house. We had a feast and they made a cake for Biko. They invited all the family, cousins and all their kids. They showed us around their place, we met all their animals and saw their gardens where they grew food. As well as the caves where their grandparents use to live and gave birth to 8 kids in! They sang Biko happy birthday and played drums and there were baby goats and children running around the house. It was so much fun. I feel like if we didn't have Biko with us we wouldn't have got to experience that.

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