Saturday, December 5, 2015


By Gina Grace Knight

Gina recently travelled to Morocco spending a month seeing the sights and treasure-hunting with her lovely husband and their gorgeous 1 year old, Biko.  Here's part one of her experience – preparing for travelling with a baby and ensuring she had the perfect pieces in her suitcase for herself and Biko so that she was comfortable, dressed in a way that respected the local culture and felt like herself throughout their trip.

Packing Biko

We took our ergo baby carrier for Biko which was so great. My husband and I both took turns of either carrying him on the front or the back. When he is on my front he can breastfeed which was handy sometimes like when we were stuck on a camel.
We only took him a few outfits, all really dark so we didn't have to wash much, we took him a few small toys, a bib and a pair shoes. We did disposable nappies and wipes for the trip which are easy to buy throughout Morocco. We took some packets of food from home and also some crackers which were great for Biko on long trips, I noticed they also sold jars of baby food. Most of the time Biko just ate the vegetable tajines or whatever we were eating. His poo actually stated changing colours from all the spices! We took some baby nurofen, bongella and hydrolite incase he got sick or had teething. He luckily didn't get sick but my husband and I needed the hydrolite!
It worked to our advantage that Biko co-sleeps. When we would check into a hotel we would have to push the bed against the wall so Biko couldn't fall out at night. Our bed at home is low to the ground so we don't normally need to worry.
If you rely on a cot, high chairs, strollers, and other typically western baby equipment Morocco honestly could be a bit of a challenge. Most women I saw wore their babies, I didn't see any high chairs and I'm not sure how many hotels provide cots. In saying that it might be fun to mix it up a bit. I know a lot of parents take western baby equipment (no extra cost) with them on planes, so it's definitely an option if you feel like it would help you. Just remember you have to lug it around. Also I noticed that all the airports provide strollers.

Packing me

The weather for Morocco was forecasted mid 20s everyday for a month. This made packing so easy! We didn't need any jumpers or heavy shoes. I packed all my Bohemian Traders threads. I went with light summer wear which was all modest (it being a Muslim country), breathable, dark colours for washing, nothing that needed ironing and all breastfeeding friendly. And of course everything I packed had to go with everything else so that I could mix and match. I like to pack super light. The less I have to lug around, the more room I have for purchases! I also really don't mind being an outfit repeater.

Gina wore her Bohemian Traders threads:

Dreamer Dress – in Cream $139
Flume Pant $129
Oversized Deep V Tee in White & Black $53.90
Picnic Harem Pant $129
Scoop Neck Tee in Stripe $59
Embroidered Moonflower Top $129
Poppy Pant in Spot $119


  1. Such beautiful colours and awesome outfit combinations - how wonderful to have these memories.

  2. What gorgeous photos and stunning outfits - stylish and wearable.

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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