Monday, November 23, 2015


The Beetle Shack team

Travelling this summer? Rock and roll!

Whether you’re back-packing around the world or toting a roller bag to your exotic escape, the last thing you want to pack are clothes that will crease and crush. We’ve put together the ideal list of mix and match Bohemian Traders pieces that will roll up into your luggage nicely and roll out beautifully without any fuss so that you can start adventuring or relaxing in style.

Vintage Embroidered Shell Top $129

The Utility Short $109

Flume Pant $129

Nomadic Festival Vest $129

Limited Edition Sequin Pant $159.01

Ella Maxi Dress $139 (maternity & breast feeding friendly)

Longsleeve Lace Trim Blouse $139

What fabrics and cuts do you prefer to wear when you travel?


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