Saturday, November 7, 2015

FROM THE ARCHIVES – Fabric Painting and The Magnificent Slip

Whilst browsing the isles of Hot Dollar the other day (as you do) I found a pack of fabric paints for the affordable price of $9.99. I was immediately dreaming of printed linens and painted pillow slips while my children were simultaneously dreaming of mixing up the most beautiful shade of brown in all of toddlerdom.

We came to a compromise and Zeph very carefully painted some splotches of vivid colour onto crisp white... ehum ... poly cotton.

We have big dreams for this fabric! After muchos inspiration from Milk Please Mum in this fabulous post, we have decided it shall become the foundation of a pillow slip for his bed. Later this week he and I will dust off the sewing machine and get busy fashioning him the worlds most magnificent slip.

I'll be sure to show you the results.

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  1. Love that idea, my friend. Will have to put that one on the craft list. x

  2. Love this idea! Might be a good one for the holidays! x

  3. Even easier: get them to paint straight into an already sewn pillow case. Beautiful pics Em.

  4. Well aren't you guys clever! Love this idea Em. Might steal it ;-)

  5. What a lovely idea. You could also make cushion covers, people would love them.

  6. "most beautiful shade of brown in all of toddlerdom" cracked me up. I'm hearing you loud and clear!
    Liv x

  7. Love this idea, Perfect grand parent pressie right there!

  8. What a grand idea Em. Think Gus and I may give this a go this afternoon while Felix sleeps. I presume my screen printing inks will be fine - we'll find out! Xo

  9. What a fun idea! I will have to keep this mind when my granddaughter comes for a visit! She's three, but I think she would do just fine lol!


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