Sunday, October 4, 2015


A neat little list of distractions and activities... Just in time for the last weekend of the School Holidays!

I'm QUEEN of chaos. If there is something to forget or leave behind, I'll manage to forget it or leave it behind. If there is any feasible way to stressed, rushed and anxious, I'll find it.

Given my predisposition to disorganisation, I find a little forward thinking essential for success.

Typically the school holidays jump upon me, wrestle me to my knees and keep me in a psychotic strong hold until the following term beings. But not this time gadget.*

This time we've written a list!

A list of all the things we'd like to do, see and learn over the school holidays.

Each of us get to contribute to said list and activities can be simple or elaborate, home based or outings.

With any luck it will keep us all entertained for an entire two weeks.**

So far we've got

  • Make fresh Playdough
  • Bake a cake
  • Jump on the trampoline
  • Vist the Op Shop
  • Plant in the garden
  • Learn about Zoo animals
  • Go to the shops
  • Build with lego
  • Go to the beach
  • Play with Felix and Milo
  • Have a lunch time sleep
  • Go for a bike ride with Pa
  • Eat hot chips at the beach

What are you planning these holidays?

*oooh Inspector Gadget, that was THE BEST show, right?

**watching "Frozen" 387 times is not actually on the list but it will happen.


  1. Thanks for the ideas, need to get organised - end of week 1 of school hols not too late is it?! I'm currently sitting in my pyjamas at 11am and my boys are actually dressed... beach and hot chips sounds like a good plan for this afternoon (so long as we dress like we're going to the snow, it's like that Melbourne beach-side). Alison xo

  2. Great ideas. WE will definitely be baking something and doing something crafty.

  3. We did a list this holidays too, the kids drew pictures of what they want to do, which we also added to. Lego and bike ride were at the top of the list and hubs choice was a day trip to the snow - fun! Happy holidays Em. xx

  4. Lol I've watched Frozen twice and am over it already. Songs get stuck in my head and I've had 'do you wanna build a snowman?' In there for days!! Thankfully school hols don't affect us much at this point, other than no Playgroup... Day care still runs for us in the hols :)

  5. I just finished watching Frozen about 20 minutes ago. It's now playing in Russian and next I'm presuming it will be playing in Polish... Just as well today is the 'stay at home' day. I like your list - Nice, simple and achievable :) Tomorrow will definitely be a non-Frozen day! You need to plan at least one "JUST CALL ME EM & NOT MUMMY" day where you catch up with another grown up for coffee/wine :)

    Sophie xo

  6. Loving your new header! It is rad x

  7. I've checked 'lunch time sleep' off my list already! It was goooooood. :)
    Ronnie xo

  8. Summer definitely requires a list! It's good to have some ideas to pull out of your pocket when needed!

  9. Making pet rocks, fishing, bushwalking, visiting the library, playing board games, going to the park and bike riding are on our list. The cheaper the better. Might do a movie day as long as frozen isn't on the list after readingt he previous comments ;)

  10. Inspector Gadget was my favourite cartoon. I used to pretend to be Penny.

    1. I knew there was a reason I've always through you were ace!

  11. Hello! Can I ask where you got these tile stickers from? Sal

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