Friday, October 2, 2015


By The Beetle Shack Team

Hooray! It's the weekend! This Long Weekend, give yourself the time to take a little look at the road less travelled and peruse an array of unique pieces from the magnificent Spring Summer 2015 collection from Bohemian Traders – ON THE ROAD.

We think you'll fall in love in the free silhouettes, exquisite embroidery, bells & tassels (not whistles!) that make this collection so special.

Here are a few of our favourite things...

Gracelands Jumper (pictured above, photographed by @caughtbykate )

Loving this delicious trio of Smocks - choose from White or Marigold Linen or it's also in Gingham if that's more to your like.

We are all about the Embroidered Festival Tops in Red & White Stripe or Cream (with gorgeous metallic & navy embroidery).

Everyone's going crazy for jumpsuits this Spring - we love the August Jumpsuit in Black which comes with the cutest rope belt you ever did see!

And there's a swag of dresses that are to die for and perfect for this season - we can't choose our favourite, but take a look for yourself here.

Happy long weekend - enjoy family, food, vino and sunshine!



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