Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Inner Workings Of A Blogging Mother's Mind

It was with nervous trepidation that I drafted the first entry on this dusty old blog - some nonsensical piece of fluff. Back then, I had no idea what I was going to write about and no idea what keeping a blog would bring to my life - a community, an income, a place to document life at home with young children, a creative outlet and after a while, the source of much inner turmoil about what to share, when to share and how much was too much.

Over the years I've fluctuated between writing with ease about things that matter (mostly myself because you know, how fabulously interesting) and feeling conflicted about what I'm putting out into the world wide inter-webs. THERE ARE CREEPS OUT THERE YOU KNOW????!!!!

Sharing things about myself was fine but as the mother of 3 young children who also featured heavily in my self involved musings - the water water began to look murky.

I'd written the tales of two children and tentatively shared the birth of another. Our ups, our downs our messes and our made beds. I'd typed it all out through mild depression, anxiety and the odd random elated sleep-ins.

Despite recording almost all of our most precious family memories at The Beetle Shack, some how, at some point in time I decided it was no longer appropriate to share pictures of my kids on this here blog spot. They, along with the world wide web, were getting to big and it ceased to seem suitable to share them.

So I cut it out. Just like that.

Cold turkey.

By blogging addiction died a death and I stopped carrying my camera everywhere I went. HOW BLOODY LIBERATING!

It felt good to be set free from the self induced shackles of The Beetle Shack.

It's been about a year since I regularly updated this space and as I flick through it's archives, I desperately miss it. I regret that there is a year of my kids lives that I haven't documented. I regret that my fabulous little Elke has rarely graced this blogs pages and I miss writing little stories in my head about our days.

The other afternoon the 5 of us walked a near by beach (most of us clothed, Elke fully nude) as the sun began to set I yearned to record our adventure. Why? Because it was perfect- it was exactly how I want my kids to remember their childhood and it was exactly how I want to remember raising them. With the sun on our back, the ocean in our ears and the sand at our feet (and our hair and eyes and bum cracks).

 So I sit here with an Aldi beer (dudes, get on that, it's good) cradled by a crocheted stubby holder crafted by an very early blogging mate and I think, oh little beetle shack baby blog - I love the memories that you hold. I love that this crazy modern world lead me to write down our dreary days. I love that my kids will have a record of what life was like when they were young and I hope that in the craziness of now, I can continue to capture the occasional moment on this dot com.

Hey blog. Nice to see you.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fabulous Fritters {cook it}

When discussing the virtues of the humble fritter with a friend, he concluded that you could 'fritt' anything.

You can fritt grated carrot, potato, peas, corn, eggplant...anything. As long as you've got eggs and cheese, you can fritt. As a result, our kids eat plenty of fritters while Dave and I prefer to eat... well, just about anything else.

But last night, we made some seriously fabulous fritters of the adult variety. Don't talk to me about a frozen 3 cheese medley, no no. Let's discuss delicious, salty haloumi.

This is a super easy, affordable family meal. It's vegetarian and full of flavour. If you don't have zucchini, you could substitute with some fried eggplant or peas.

You will need:

300g (about 6-8) zucchini1 onion, grated250 grams haloumi cheese, grated75g (1/2 cup) plain flour2 tsp grated lemon rind 2 eggs1 tbs chopped fresh dill
Coarsely grate the zucchinis, then squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Place in a bowl and add the onion, haloumi cheese, flour, lemon rind, eggs and dill. 
Season with salt and black pepper and stir to combine. 
Form the zucchini mixture into about 25 bite-size patties. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm.
Fry in pan until golden.

We served ours with this amazing salad packed with HEAPS of garden greens*. It was indeed a luscious meal for the whole family and dare I say, totally cheap. The left overs will make the perfect snack for busy days along with the slow cooked spud, naturally.

* i used tinned lentils, well rinsed and drained.
recipe from here

Thursday, October 29, 2015


It's been a crazy few weeks 'round here but for the sake of keeping it superficial, here I am in a dress. See, that's so much better than off loading all of the real things that are happening in life, isn't it?!

No, of course it's not.

My sarcasm is palpable. Or something.

Do I seem bitter?

I digress.

I've been flogging my Bohemian Traders wash and wear Nomadic Festival Dress this spring. It's made from lovely mid weight cotton and skims all the right places. I can roll the sleeves when the weather is warm and layer with a jacket when it's cooler. I wear a great black leather jacket in the evenings or this light number for day times.

Also, Bohemian Traders are currently having 20% off ALL dresses. So go and bag yourself a bargain.

Okay, thanks for listening!


Em xo


BOHEMIAN TRADERS PREMIUM DENIM JACKET - size S - Launching with Bohemian Traders very soon. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Green Tomato and Chilli Pickle

 If you optimistically planted late tomatoes like we did, it's likely you still have some green fruit lingering around in the hope of sunny days and scorching sun. Needless to say, it's not going to happen.

Instead of sacrificing the fruit to the compost, why not make a jar or two of preserve?

Dave altered a recipe* for Green Tomato Pickle and came up with this gloriously warm version. The addition of cayenne peppers is just so right. A match made in heaven.

Here is the recipe in case you're keen.

1kg Onions, finely chopped
3kg green tomatoes
180g cayenne peppers (or other chillies if you prefer, amount can be adjusted to taste)
3 tablespoons of cooking salt
3 cups of white or cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper
1kg sugar
8 tablespoons of white or cider vinegar (extra)
3 scant tablespoons of curry powder
3 scant tablespoons of mustard powder

Combine onions, tomatoes and chillies in a bowl, sprinkle with salt & mix well. Cover and leave to stand overnight.

Next day, drain off fluid. Place onions and tomatoes in a large saucepan, add vinegar, pepper & sugar and bring to the boil. Boil for 1 hour, stirring often.

Mix extra vinegar with dry spices and stir into green tomato, chilli and onion mixture. Boil for 5 minutes or until thickened and well combined.

Pour into sterilised jars and seal. Eat immediately or store in a cool, dry and dark place for up to 2 years.

*original recipe is from "A year in a bottle" by Sally Wise - well worth the price of admission. I recommend getting it if you are looking to preserve more fruit and veg.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


The Beetleshack Team 

Effortless Spring Summer style is all about experimenting with colour + light and easy wearing fabrics that move well and wash (to be repeated) easily. Enter The Wanderlust Injection. This latest addition to Bohemian Trader's already smashing ON THE ROAD collection is playfully theatrical and beautifully finished. Who doesn't love pom poms!? From Maxi skirts and dresses to fabulous throws and everyone's favourite soft flip short – revel in these fabulous easy-wearing pieces that will take you from beach to cocktails with a simple change of shoe.

Oversized Wanderlust Wrap $89 incl GST(worn as a scarf, head scarf and as a wrap - try it as a throw or beach towel too!)
Wanderlust Holiday Dress $109 incl GST

Model @bohemipia
Hair & Make up @sundayfox
Styling @anakissed

Check out the full Wanderlust Injection here now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It's been a long while between wearing posts but here I am with hair that needs washing and legs that need tanning because... umm life. I keep putting the wearing posts off for these very reasons but you know, I figure your hair might need a wash too- so it's fair, right?

Anyways, HI!!! How are you? *hears crickets*

Is blogging dead? Really? Is it??

Back to the wearing post - this Folk Dress is one of my most worn pieces from the Bohemian Traders Spring collection. It's 100% cotton so is nice on warm days and the elastic panel to the back means I can eat lunch and still feel comfortable! Winning.

I chuck mine in the machine and line dry- no ironing required. Winning again. I'm wearing a size small but would also be comfortable in a medium...

Okay, thanks for listening.

Em xx

Sunday, October 18, 2015


By The Beetle Shack team

It's Spring Carnival time and whether you take it seriously enough to jet down to Melbourne in all your finest or are happy to make the most of the excuse to get your close friends over for a glass of bubbly - we've got the lowdown on the most important thing... the fashion!

Check out the hottest looks to ensure you're perfectly dressed for any frock-worthy occasion.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


By Talia Christine

Sweet. Soft and crunchy. Gooey insides yet light as air. Heavenly bliss. 

I thought: Why not try and bake macarons? You only live once. Plus, how hard can they be? 

Well, kinda tricky I guess, but not all THAT hard. I invited my pretty friend, Petra, to come over for a baking adventure. And you know what? I think we did pretty well. We're determined to perfect and hone our macaron baking skills. Because sometimes you just need pretty cookies in your life. 

Well, at least I do.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


A neat little list of distractions and activities... Just in time for the last weekend of the School Holidays!

Friday, October 2, 2015


By The Beetle Shack Team

Hooray! It's the weekend! This Long Weekend, give yourself the time to take a little look at the road less travelled and peruse an array of unique pieces from the magnificent Spring Summer 2015 collection from Bohemian Traders – ON THE ROAD.

We think you'll fall in love in the free silhouettes, exquisite embroidery, bells & tassels (not whistles!) that make this collection so special.

Here are a few of our favourite things...

Gracelands Jumper (pictured above, photographed by @caughtbykate )

Loving this delicious trio of Smocks - choose from White or Marigold Linen or it's also in Gingham if that's more to your like.

We are all about the Embroidered Festival Tops in Red & White Stripe or Cream (with gorgeous metallic & navy embroidery).

Everyone's going crazy for jumpsuits this Spring - we love the August Jumpsuit in Black which comes with the cutest rope belt you ever did see!

And there's a swag of dresses that are to die for and perfect for this season - we can't choose our favourite, but take a look for yourself here.

Happy long weekend - enjoy family, food, vino and sunshine!