Friday, August 21, 2015


By The Beetle Shack team

How can it possibly be Friday AGAIN already!? We're not complaining.
Here’s a quick wrap up of a few bits and pieces that we can't get enough of at the moment at The Beetle Shack…

READING: East of Eden by American author John Steinbeck. We've only just started but the language is so rich and tantilising  we can't wait to hop into bed nice and early tonight with a cuppa and sink our teeth into it – check out it’s review on Good Reads here.

WEARING: Delicious pieces from 'The Secret Garden' collection by Bohemian Traders (pictured - details below). The divine lace, sophisticated cuts and femme cream, black and blush tones are getting us way too excited for Spring! Check out the new collection here.

WATCHING: True Detective. We've devoured the first and second seasons and are chomping at the bit for the next story. Get IMBD's take on the series and a guide to the episodes here.

SCENTED BY: MOR Blood Orange. We cannot get enough of this MOR perfume oil - it's subtle and exotic. Grab it at Myer here.

BEAUTIFYING: O Cosmedics. We're trying out best to make time for the daily facial routine of our mother's dreams. It doesn't always happen when it does we're loving the active yet gentle products from O Cosmedics, take a look here.

CRAVING: Chia Pods. We're a bit late to the Chia Pod party but that's no reason to miss out on all the pudding fun! Apparently these little darlings are the holy grail of wholefood nutrition in super cute and user friendly packaging - works for us! Check them out here or make your own (we intend to this weekend) using one of Daily Burn's 10 recipes here.

MOVING: Swimming Laps. Not a new thought but a good one nonetheless. We're on the getting healthy & happy train and an old favourite of ours is hopping in the pool and stretching out all those tight muscles and giving the spine a nice lengthen. Probably doesn't need a tutorial but let's have one anyway. Read up here on how to swim laps.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dress: Bohemian Traders Grace Button Down Maxi in cream
Photographed by: Inside The Treasure Chest


  1. You have such a great sense of style. I love reading your blog posts because you always give me inspiration to try something new and different - thanks for that! I would never of thought about giving boots like this a try but you rock them so much that I have ordered them in both colours. Well done to Fashion World on having something so versatile available for plus size women - we love fashion and looking good too

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em