Friday, July 24, 2015


 By Seren Shutte

Part 2

In The Middle Of Somewhere

Traveling 5500km's into Outback Australia with a two kids under five, sleeping in a tent and cooking over a camping stove every night for weeks, may not be your idea of the best holiday….can I tell you though - it was INCRDEIBLE!


I have done my fair share of the Pacific Highway commute. I feel sleepy even before we leave, my job as navigator is obsolete on such a well known route. Falling asleep the trip would have been sacrilege! Roads became tracks where your vehicle was driven in the centre, only moving to the side when an oncoming dust cloud became a rare passing car.

For all the nothing out there, Outback Australia has so much. People inspire, colours ignite creativity, ever-changing landscapes excite and the SPACE, well the space allows you to BREATH a little deeper, slower….take stock and be still…and silly!

Ever considered going outback? Make it happen! It will leave you changed forever, longing to return to red soil, starry nights and other unexpected simple pleasures.

 Seren is a sentimental, suburban free ranger who blogs vicariously via Beetleshack. A critical care nurse by trade with a passion for photography, camping and Hermés scarves. Two girls and an awesome husband complete her family, collectively known as PEGS. Join her as she shares camping capers and inspiring journeys.


  1. Great photos, the last one is stunning. I can imagine the immense space would be amazing. Brave to do with with little ones! Alison

  2. Love this. I love these landscapes, those big starry skies, the smell of the dust. Love.

  3. What incredible landscape - how amazing tackling the trip with little ones too - hats off to you :) x

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  5. That's great time. I wish i am here, this amazing!!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em