Tuesday, July 21, 2015


 By Talia Christine

Last week I saw a little baby wearing the cuuuutest little leggings with a ruffle bum. I so badly wanted to ask the mum where she got them, but she looked tired and ... oh who am I kidding. My shyness got the better of me. I froze. I couldn't ask.
So when I came across a little tutorial to sew leggings from scratch I nearly squealed! I already had some fabric. My mind was made. I set out to make Audrey a pair of baby leggings so that I could add a ruffle bum. It kinda took me all day. And it boasts some of my worst stitching. Ever. But despite myself, it came out really cute!

Note: It actually was a very easy tutorial to follow. Don't be like me.

So do yourself a favor and sew up a couple of these cuties for the little baby girl in your life! Now that I've got the hang of it I want to make a few more. I have some old t-shirts that are just begging to be re-made into little baby girl leggings.

Talia lives in New Zealand with her husband, Mr. Philip van der Wel and their 2.5 children. Talia writes a self titled blog which is a snapshot of their daily lives and her crafty side. She is also a blog designer (responsible for many recreations of The Beetle Shack) and tech guru with infinite knowledge around blogging and design. When writing for The Beetle Shack, Talia will share craft and sewing tutorials along with other helpful household hints.


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