Tuesday, July 7, 2015


By Kate Dyer

Having a shed full of tools is very handy when you’re renovating, but the things I’ve found most useful so far might not be found in a tool box.

I’ve been on light duties with my side project in baby-making, so I tend to be in charge of keeping us fed, clean and organised - all super important and just as critical to a good outcome as waving power tools around!

These are my top five where-would-I-be-without-you items:

1. Ikea Step Stool ($14.99) - I’ve been told many times not to climb a full-height ladder and more often than not all I need is an extra few inches to reach something. It’s easy to move, gives a solid footing and doubles as a chair on your lunch break.

2. Workshop Vacuum ($85) - Because you don’t want to be sucking up old nails and bits of plaster with your Dyson. More effective than sweeping and a quick vac of your worksite at the end of the day makes the evening more bearable.

3. Slow Cooker ($20) - If you rip out your kitchen, there is only so long you can survive on pizza alone. A hearty meal will do wonders for your morale and a slow cooked meal of shanks or pork shoulder provides a very motivating aroma throughout the day.

4. Receipt File ($6.98) - When you’re sticking to a budget you’ll want to know where the money is going. You may also need to refer back to some paperwork for warranties or returns so keeping it all in one place makes sense.

5. Trade Card (Free!) - It’s worth checking to see if you qualify for a Trade card at your preferred hardware supplier. You may receive discounts and special offers, and you can take your organisation to a new level with project numbers.

What essentials do you need to get you through a project?
A photographer by trade, Kate shares the story of her growing family and the place they call home on her blog Babe & Abode. Which will come first - the new bathroom or the new baby?


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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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