Monday, June 29, 2015


By Briar Stanley
Bedrooms. I spend a lot of time thinking about decorating these spaces – it seems to be the most common area my clients want help with. This means I’ve spent a good chunk of time recently looking at bedsides lamps (when a hanging pendant isn’t appropriate). I thought I would do a round up of some my favourites lately – on a luxe and less budget. 

1. Mak Table Lamp in white $62.95 2. Ralph Reading Lamp $199.00 3. Miles Desk Lamp US$275.00 4. Metro Table Lamp $149.00 5. Tronconi Easy Mechanic Table Lamp $189.00 6. Vox Table Lamp P.O.A 7. Nyfors Table Lamp $129.00 8. Saffy Table Lamp $169.00 9. Mink Table Lamp $66.45 10. Sleuth Table Lamp Yellow $129.95

I hope you have all had a great week! 

Briar x
Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior decorator and founder and editor of life and style blog,Sunday CollectorBriar believes your home should tell your story. From rethinking a room to designing a unique look throughout your space, she can guide you through everything from choosing a dining table, tile selection to the colours of your cushions. Find out more about Briar's styling and decorating work here.


  1. Number 9 would be a great replacement for the lamp my youngest just broke.


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