Friday, June 19, 2015


If there is one person who's style I admire, it's Megan Morton's. It is intrinsically unpretentious, playful and deeply creative, just like the woman herself.

I'm a little speechless that she has agreed to share her 'Top Tips for Styling Kids Spaces' with us here at The Beetle Shack, but she has.

Consider it a little pre curser to her book on Kid's Rooms being released in June. Yes, thats right, Things I Love is going to have a baby brother or sister! Eeep, I for one am a little bit excited.

Okay, here is how to get a cracking kids space, straight from the heavenly mouth of Morton!

1. NEVER let your kid not be part of it (you dont want to be one of those people!) but never let them totally rule all decisions, a great room is one that is loved by the child and appreciated by the parent.

2. Don't do chalkboard walls. I did them for my sons room and didnt tell him it was chalkable (as i hate chalk dust near heads and pillows) his friends discovered it and he was sad face. Actually maybe do chalk walls only if you like chalk dust and associated extra cleaning.

3. Present daily clothing items on easy to reach hooks - on wall or behind door in an encouraging attempt to make them learn how to dress independently

4. Dont quash their ability to express themselves - this is a trait i find so wonderful in kids. if they really want to wear it and are passionate let them, same goes for room. 

5. Present enough storage generally and be strict about over filling a room. Nothing more gluttonous and 1st world than a room stuffed filled with toys that the kids cant even get to! 

So, there you have it! I'll be keeping these hot tips in mind when I pull together Pippi's big girl room on the weekend (photo's on Monday, promise).

If you can't get enough of Megan Morton, hit up the school, trust me you won't regret it.

When I took dorky me to The School.


  1. great tips, of to check out the school now x

  2. Yes, I love this. Let your child be involved. My parents gave me the best childhood/teenage bedroom because they let me decide everything -not that they spent any money whatsoever, but they let me move furniture around and do whatever I wanted. I have such happy memories of my room. I don't know if i'll ever love a room quite as much in all my life!

  3. I love the second room.. I would have never thought such a dark color would work for a kid's room, but it totally does!

  4. I like her tipa - totally forgot about this when I decided to paint big rose buds all over Nikas walls a few weeks ago - she is not impressed!! Oh well back to the drawing board - will remember that I need to include them. I also grew up in a house that my parents let me decorate in any way I wanted including painting or drawing murals on the walls...which was awsome I hope to be that parent from now!! Have a great decorating weekend!!

  5. great tips and love that the child should take part in the ideas of it, after all it is their room

  6. Very excited to hear about Megan's new book. I loved (of course) Things I Love! Thanks for the tips x

  7. Honest diapers works great for my son. He's on size 3 now and we've been using expensive diapers ever since he was a newborn. I have never had a problem with them. We tried thinner diapers but they didn't work on him. I think it really just depends on each child. Anyway, Honest diapers are great.

  8. Great tips and love that the child should take part in the ideas of it, after all it is their room
    Thank for share

  9. Very nice great share. My baby is very active, her room is always messy.


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