Monday, June 1, 2015


By Briar Stanley

I grew up with a very green thumb mum (a trained horticulturist), and was always semi-aware of the  beautiful greenery inside our home. I never gave much thought to things like how the maidenhair was thriving in the bathroom, but I do remember the weekly watering that occurred at our kitchen sink. A forest of African Violets, Peace Lillies, Orchids and Ferns would be lined up for their soaking. I had a flashback to this memory over the weekend when my round up of greenery found their way to my own sink…and found it strangely therapeutic...

 I’m all for buying potted plants, even if you aren’t a green thumb – not only do they improve air quality they are often cheaper than a bunch of flowers and they last so much longer. You will notice the yellow roses in the shot too, they got some fresh water – which always gives them a few more days of loveliness. I believe the trick to keep indoor plants loving life is to give them plenty of natural light (that’s where they were born, after all), even if you have to move them around the house a bit to get their weekly dose. Also, check the care that the individual plant needs. For example, a Maidenhair Fern hates to be dry (even for a couple of hours), so it’s really important to keep the soil moist, but direct sunlight will burn their leaves in minutes. You can be a lot more relaxed about watering a succulent, but this houseplant definitely requires direct sunlight. 

If you believe the hype, the fiddle leaf fig trend is on it’s way out (I still love them though) and the house plant for 2015 is the pencil cactus. I have to admit, I’m a big fan of these too – I love the spindly/seaweed stems, but I did just read the sap can be poisonous if ingested (so keep them away from plant loving babies).

Where to shop for indoor plants and cool pots? Personally, I find the quality and range at Bunnings lacking, I was recently really impressed with my local Flower Power…but if money was no object, I would be shopping at Garden Life in Redfern and Terrace Outdoor Living in Woollahra for everything – neither can do wrong in my opinion.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Briar x

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  1. I love the look of indoor plants, but I'm no good at gardening. I bought a bunch of bulbs from a school fundraiser then realised I have zero knowledge and I'm probably going to pay a gardener to plant them. How bad is that!

  2. Just scored a huge, healthy Cardamon Ginger (Alpinia nutans) for my bathroom. It smells divine! A rare score from Bunnings. Best advice from my Nanna was to buy two of every house plant. Keep switching them so they are week inside/week outside. All my plants look lush, no one knows I'm trading them out with their twin as I need to.

    1. Awesome idea with switching the plants, never thought of that, now I just need to remember :)
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