Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Bohemian folk vibes made a little more urban.

Back in 1960s, the hippies were a subculture who preferred to avoid futuristic fabrics and mass produced garments in favour of handcrafted items picked up on their travels. 'Flower power' symbolised a turn against authority and an alternative lifestyle of free expression.

By Jenelle Witty

Photographed by Mario Recchia

Adopting garments which were made simply, embroidered by hand and crafted with care, the hippie movement eventually made its way into the mainstream culture, bringing with it influences from around the world. Hippie trails from India, through the Far East, Native America, Eastern Europe and North Africa were plentiful with locally made garments which went on to be recreated for the masses influencing fashion of the late 60s and early 70s. 

Among these influences were the heavily adopted Hungarian embroidered blouses (and dresses, crop tops, tunics, cheesecloth skirts etc). Today these fuss free bohemian garments come back around for those of us looking for a relaxed, comfortable style. You can find plenty of beautiful options at Bohemian Traders, but be prepared to create a pretty long wish list!  

While I could pair this tunic back with my flared jeans or a maxi skirt, I like to modernise and mix it up by tucking it into a pair of skinny jeans and juxtaposing the softness with a bulkier bomber jacket. A little bit of bohemia toughened up with some urban pieces for a less feminine look. The hippies fought for us to have a little freedom of expression after all! 

Wearing: Bohemian Traders Yassou Keyhole Top, Etoile by Isabel Marant Bomber, Rollas Jeans.
Photographed by: Mario Recchia
 Jenelle Witty is a creative who has worked in the fields of Costume Design and Set Design for Theater, Event Design for Arts Festivals and Interior Design. Her blog Inspiring Wit explores topics including culture, travel, food and beauty as well as fashion. Incorporating real life experiences, a desire for adventure and a cheeky sense of wit, Inspiring Wit is a trusted friend online and valued contributor at The Beetle Shack.


  1. Great post. Love this outfit on you. That blouse looks stunning with the skinny jeans. Gorgeous.

  2. what a great outfit, totally my style!

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