Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 We've lived in this little Beetle Shack for almost a decade now. Prior to children we had spare rooms used for music and art making. Places for friends to sleep after long dinners and plenty of spare storage in each and every wardrobe. My clothes collection used to fill the walk in robe and at least one other built in. Our floorboards were freshly polished, the walls crisp white and the kitchen had doors on all of the cupboards.

Over the years, slowly but surely we have filled our little shack to capacity. We've bough all of our children home from hospital to this quaint house and now each bedroom is over flowing with their books and clothes and toys. The walls are a lovely shade of grey and speckled with boogers, our floorboards are almost completely destroyed and each wardrobe is a disgusting display of disorganisation and filth.

We've let things go and our place is totally run down.

Recently we decided that it was time for a freshen up and a little extension - An extra living space designed to catch the light and open up on to our back deck. We're also putting internal stairs down to the studio and second bathroom (currently external).

And here we are, all 5 of us living amongst the mess. An open ceiling, no lights in the dining room and seriously freezing drafts from everywhere.

In the evening we huddle under mohair blankets and Kantha quilts to stop our bones from shaking but in the mornings you'll find us here. Together at the kitchen table making paper aeroplanes, creating glamorous squiggle drawings and thawing out in the first light as it hits the dust on the floor.


  1. This is so exciting hun - cant wait to see what you guys create xx

  2. That morning light is beautiful, and captured so well in these photos. How exciting that you are renovating and extending the love of your home.

  3. So exciting. We are building a back deck at the moment and it is lovely to see things progressing and what a lovely space it will be.

  4. Lovely photos Em. Know the feeling, we are bursting at the seams here & just longing to be able to do that extension so we can breathe out again! Look forward to seeing your finished product :)

  5. Oh babes, I hear ya! Three and a half years later and we're still renovating. Nothing major - just heaps of little jobs that are time consuming and cost money. Boo! If you're ever feeling cold and frustrated just think of me: I spent 10 months with no kitchen, bathroom or laundry. I had to use a port-a-loo on my front lawn. For 10 months. You can do this! x

  6. Don't I know this feeling :) Keep your sights set firmly on what's to come and how much better the Shack will be when it's all done and dusted. Can't wait to follow the updates!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em