Monday, May 11, 2015


I first met Seren some 3 years ago at a Tim Clouson Photography workshop. It was love at first sight and Seren had me in stitches the entire day. Since then we've kept in touch and met up for coffees and honest talks about motherhood.

These days Seren is traveling around our gorgeous country with her husband and 2 young daughters- something I would NEVER have the guts to do!! She's going to share some of their adventures here at The Beetle Shack!!

I hope you enjoy her tales as much as I do

xo em

By Seren Shutte

Hi I'm Seren and I LOVE camping.

Getting away in a tent with my family/friends and eating yummy food nourishes the minimalist in me.

Life's essentials are personified in camping, really!


I met my husband camping. Lucky enough to have pitched in sites around the world, we now  relish showing our girls "the camping way". We will often camp with other families. The kids take off together exploring and parents allow themselves to be the parents they can't be at home. Distractions of the week gone, conversation becomes an art again.


Simplicity in design and function is what draws us to a tent. Being dry, warm/cool and spending the least amount of time pitching the thing the better!

As a couple, we happily camped locally and around the world in our three-season MR hubba hubba (the name had SOME influence in our purchase). When our new roommate moved in, we bought a campmore dome. Green & heavy (dense Australian made canvas) the campmore was brilliant for enviable sleep-ins and gym-like work outs (35kgs) Four years and another roommate and change in camping style, led us to our new home-away-from-home; our new oztent.


It tastes better when you’re camping. The senses are heightened and you’re hungry! If you are camping with others, new recipes emerge and memories are created from that one amazing meal when….

After a camping trip I return home with a sense of reconnection to my family and a rebooted perspective to the world around me.

PEGS will soon embark on a four week long camping trip to the back of beyond. I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Seren is a sentimental, suburban free ranger who blogs vicariously via Beetleshack. A critical care nurse by trade with a passion for photography, camping and Hermés scarves. Two girls and an awesome husband complete her family, collectively known as PEGS. Join her as she shares camping capers and inspiring journeys.


  1. Love this viewpoint of camping - I've seen families do it with such grace and fantastic fun. Often, for the mother ends up being difficult survival of all the "campsite" duties of laundry, washing up and making do which can be difficult. I'm not sure I'm ready to head out with 4 smalls, although I LOVED camping as a little kid. Guess we better give it a go to see how we like it!

  2. I love camping with my family. It's awesome being outside and spending quality time together as a family.
    My kids are 13 and 10 and have always loved camping, it seems more precise as my kids get older too. I feel so happy and love life more when we come home, I think its to do with being in the fresh air the whole time.

  3. There is just something so freeing about going camping and I think that as my family gets older it will become part of our lives. Oh and these photos are just beautiful.

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  5. do you love camping with your family and friends? I think you love. I love camping so much.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em