Thursday, May 28, 2015


 By Talia Christine

Audrey is officially in her big girl bed! To celebrate the occasion I made a special new bedspread for Audrey as a present for being such a big girl now. 

The bedspread matches her bed sheet which she is particularly fond of. It's simple and lightweight. Since it's not too heavy it's easy enough for a toddler to cover herself with it at night.
Quick instructions to how I made mine after the jump:
To make this easy DIY bedspread/throw you'll need:
- 2 vintage sheets
- Quilt binding or 2" bias tape (enough to go around the outside of the finished blanket)

Start by laying out your sheets with the wrong sides together. Line them up, smooth out any wrinkles, and pin them together.

TIP: Start pinning the sheets together at one end and work your way up rolling the already pinned sheets as you go. This allows you to smooth out the wrinkles and keep the sheets under control.
Begin "quilting" the two sheets together. I sewed simple straight lines back and forth across the width of the quilt about 3" apart. 

To finish, sew binding around the edge of your quilt.
- You could easily add quilt batting to add some warmth and general squishiness.
- In hindsight, I would quilt this with a contrasting thread rather than white so that it would really stand out and add a bit of character.
- You could go the extra mile and hand stitch across the sheets with thicker embroidery thread for a really stand-out design! I would LOVE a quilt like this, but they're too expensive... and I don't have time to hand stitch. :P
- Try a smaller version for a lap quilt or a comfy throw for the couch!

Easiest bedspread ever! xo

Talia lives in New Zealand with her husband, Mr. Philip van der Wel and their 2.5 children. Talia writes a self titled blog which is a snapshot of their daily lives and her crafty side. She is also a blog designer (responsible for many recreations of The Beetle Shack) and tech guru with infinite knowledge around blogging and design. When writing for The Beetle Shack, Talia will share craft and sewing tutorials along with other helpful household hints.


  1. Oh it's gorgeous Talia. Such a great use of vintage bed linen.

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