Thursday, April 2, 2015


By Briar Stanley

When visiting a house – be it the home of a client, family member or friend, I’m frequently asked to have a quick look at a certain room and give some advice....

So often, the room/s are halfway there – it may need some furniture rearranging, a piece of art positioned and a new rug. I find the home owner often loves all their pieces, but doesn’t quite know how to combine everything to make the room ‘work’. I thrive on giving this sort of advice – which is why I’ve put together a package for the Sydney metro area that I’m pretty excited about. I also offer a similar service online for those that live away from Sydney.

For $300.00, I now offer two hour in-house consultations where we can talk about everything from wall colours, to sofa positioning. If it’s something like a bookshelf you need styled, I could do that too. I can primarily ‘work with what you’ve got’ - but also recommend any additions that I think will improve the space. Following on from our meeting, I will email you a summary of my advice, including online links to any items I recommend. One week of email conversations can follow this email, all included in the one-off fee.

The affordable package is perfect for the homeowner on a budget, and doesn’t need my ‘full decorating service’ as listed on my Services page. I basically want to help make beautiful interiors without the price tag. Contact me for bookings:

Briar x

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Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior decorator and founder and editor of life and style blog, Sunday CollectorBriar believes your home should tell your story. From rethinking a room to designing a unique look throughout your space, she can guide you through everything from choosing a dining table, tile selection to the colours of your cushions. Find out more about Briar's styling and decorating work here.


  1. Such a great idea, need someone in S.A. to do this!

  2. Such a great idea, need someone in S.A. to do this!

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