Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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By Emily Beetleshack

The Dreamer Dress is  SO easy, totally hides my many muffin tops and flabby arms plus it makes my legs look semi respectable… funny you know… 

Tell me, do you have a Dreamer Dress? If so, what colour… and how do you wear it? Me, I have one in every colour but this seasons hues are by FAR my favourite. Khaki and Ice Blue. Perfection! 

I like to wear the Khaki casually and often team it with flat tan ankle boots and a longline cardi. When the weather gets cooler, I'll be adding a delicious scarf and tights. 

It's SO easy, totally hides my many muffin tops and flabby arms plus it makes my legs look semi respectable… funny you know… I used to think my legs were like tree stumps but since having 3 kids and being just a *pinch* over 30, I see them in a whole new light… Nothing like babies and age to make the rest of your body look… mm how can I say this… old and fat. Ankles are still ever so slender.

Anyways, I won't prattle on.


Bohemian Traders Dreamer Dress | Size S
Bohemian Traders Utility Vest (a serious fave) | Size 10
Animal Print Shoes | Basque


  1. Yeah! Khaki on Khaki! My fave! Love this. xx Jenelle

  2. Lovely as usual! I have 3 dreamer dresses in blue, black and cream. They wore me through a lot hot summer pregnancy. Now I am lusting after the pink but thinking that it is totally impractical to have 4 colours of the same dress.....But maybe it is okay to treat myself with a dress that has not had my fat guts pushing through it....Plus I have a photo shoot that I need something to wear for soon. Attempting to justify the pink in many ways!

    1. Will you be getting any other t-shirt's in for winter? Needing some more but waiting to see what you have coming.

    2. Oh I feel you on the long hot summer pregnancy- that is KILLER! Best thing is they are layer able and breast feeding friendly! Look, I don't think you can ever have too many Dreamers but just quietly, we have a few other BF friendly/flattering styles landing later this week :)

      And as for t-shirts- we do have a long sleeve B+W stripe tee arriving next month!

  3. Damn girl you look hot mama! I love this look and colour so much x

    1. hahah you're too funny! I reckon Khaki would be so great with your colouring too


  4. Stunning outfit...and the cheeky chicky babe ain't bad either!

  5. Damn lady you are gorgeous...the Dreamer Dress is the bomb!

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  7. I LOVE the khaki look you got on. Thanks for sharing. Best Swimming Goggles

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  10. Jolie photo, très jolie fille, comme ton corps.


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