Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Did you know that you can regrow the spring onions (also known as green onions) you buy in the store? You can re-use them! How's that for being green? I learned this trick from my good friend, Inti, who was sprouting some in her kitchen when I came to visit. Here's how...

1. When you use your spring onions, save the white bit at the ends with the roots. You'll want to save an inch or so.

2. Put the ends roots down in some water. After a few days the chopped bulbs will begin to re-sprout!

3. Now you're ready to plant! Find a bit of soil and pop them into the dirt spaced a few inches apart. Give them a little love and some water, and they'll be sweet! ;)

4. Let them grow and mature into the desired length. Don't forget to water!

Brilliant! I love this new trick. I now have a sturdy little crop of regrown spring onions.

How does your garden grow? Are you gardening this season?


Talia Garduna


Inti (the most brilliant person I know. actually.) commented this after reading the post:

"Actually Tal, I just thought once you plant them, why not just cut them and leave the root in?! then you can just keep cutting and regrowing! Also, they can be called scallions, as i'm sure as an American you know ;)"


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  1. I did know that but never actually done it, I'm not the best gardener. I'm very good at murdering plants :( It looks so easy though, you've inspired me to give it a go :)

  2. that is so cool! I will have to try this, I just planted all my Kale today :)

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