Thursday, April 23, 2015


If you’re looking to bring some granny chic to your home, you can’t go past some good old doilies to throw about the place. They scream Nanna’s house, don’t they? Personally I love the use of a good doily, and as a keen crocheter I absolutely appreciate the intricacies of a handmade fine detailed doily. A doily garland is the perfect use for them in a modern setting, sort of like a bunting -but prettier! And you only need to know how to sew a straight line to make this…

Gather your doilies together, you might have beautifully hand-crocheted lovelies or machined fairly stock standard ones like mine (I found mine on eBay, try discount stores or Spotlight too). You can scour op shops and find some simply beautiful creations, no doubt crocheted with much love, every piece is unique, making it all the more special. You’ll need some herringbone or twill ribbon also – this is sort of a heavy weight ribbon available at crafty type stores. You could also use bias binding or a grosgrain ribbon (a satin ribbon will probably pucker slightly).

Cut your doilies in half. If you are using beautiful handmade doilies you might not want to do this so just fold them in half to create semi-circles.

Iron your twill ribbon in half lengthways, making it a nice little home to sandwich your doilies into.

Find the middle point of your length of twill ribbon (mine was about 3 metres long). Pin one of your half doilies into the twill ribbon, encasing it. Pin it at the middle of the doily and each end of the doily. Continue along the length of twill ribbon until all your half-doilies are encased and pinned nicely. My mum, who taught me to sew, always taught me the importance of pinning lots! Lots of pins will save you lots of heartache and angst later, she’d say!

Now simply sew along your length of twill ribbon, keeping to the open edge more than the centre to properly catch the encased doilies and neatly close your twill ribbon. As you pull the pins out you might need to just make sure your doilies stay put inside the twill ribbon case.

How easy was that! Simple straight sewing. Knew you could do it! Perfect for a little girls room (mine is destined for my daughters nursery across her window), as wedding or party décor, outside hanging from a tree or just to hang above your kitchen sink to pretty up your day. Nanna would be proud.


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  1. I just couldn't bring myself to CUT a doily with scissors!

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