Wednesday, March 4, 2015


By Emily Beetleshack
The original author of The Beetle Shack, Emily is a chronic over sharer and collector of unnecessary consumer goods. In a past life Emily was a high school Visual Arts teacher. She always enjoyed the ‘naughty’ kids the most; the ones who were resistant to following the rules and questioned the boundaries. They were interesting, challenging and funny. When she was pregnant with her first child she could be heard saying, “I hope I have a cheeky child, one that speaks his mind and is rebellious in nature”. Unsurprisingly, she did. In the archives of the Beetle Shack you'll find her tales of raising her own ‘spirited’ children whilst swanning about the house dressed as a fruit salad.

I'm in love with this super soft embroidered blouse - the Belle Blouse from Bohemian Traders. It's seriously easy to wear and looks great over denim jeans, under suit jackets (if that's your thing) or with this striped midi skirt.

I'm dressed up for dinner with the ladies here but this outfit would easily translate to the school run with ankle booties and less fancy earrings.


Belle Blouse | size 10
Striped Midi Skirt | Size M
Toni Bianco heels
Vintage Earrings


  1. Guys, sorry to be a nerd but you really need to proofread your posts. I really enjoy the content here but I find that both this post and the last one misuse your/you're. It makes what should be a relaxing experience (reading your posts) one that sets my teeth on edge. I imagine I'm not the only one but if I am I am prepared to cop it sweet!

    1. oh thank you so much for you're (I mean your) constructive criticism! Noted with thanks.

      Funny how being busy mothers makes us lazy proof readers (and house keepers). We mean well though. Sorry to stress you out, reading blogs can be hard work sometimes.

    2. Sorry, Em, Reading blogs isn't stressful at all and I understand you guys have a lot on your plate. Cheers.

    3. My husband was supposed to proof read mine... I blame him! Haha

  2. I love this look. Love the skirt, love the blouse. It looks so fresh and clean on you.

  3. I think you need to stop promoting this top...IT MAKES ME WANT IT SO BAD!!!!!!!! I am SO in love with your whole new collection!

  4. I love it so much! You look amazing

  5. You look incredible! I love that shirt!

    Now THAT is a wear with jeans to a gig outfit right there. That shirt is exactly the fun but breathable blouse I would wear to a festival or gig. If it were a day time event I'd wear denim shorts with a belt and tie my jacket around my waist until it got too cold. Layers are always welcome after the temperature drops. :)

    Love this look! xx Jenelle

  6. Love this blouse. I agree with the comment above - stop showing us how gorgeous it is - makes me want it even more!! Haha - although that's my issue not yours :) Just beautiful as always.

  7. Love that skirt. Top looks crazy comfy.

    Ruth @


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