Friday, March 6, 2015


By Jenelle Witty
Photographed by: Jiawa Liu
Jenelle Witty is a creative who has worked in the fields of Costume Design and Set Design for Theater, Event Design for Arts Festivals and Interior Design. Her blog Inspiring Wit explores topics including culture, travel, food and beauty as well as fashion. Incorporating real life experiences, a desire for adventure and a cheeky sense of wit, Inspiring Wit is a trusted friend online and valued contributor at The Beetle Shack.

I know I am onto a winner when I own both the black and the white. 

As it continues to reach the 40 degree peaks around the country we are still feeling that summer pulse, despite Autumn being officially here. 

I have been in love with this lace trimmed blouse for months, rotating it with jeans/ blazer during the cooler months and evenings or throwing it over shorts on those hot days like this (as we shot these it was 43 deg!). The swing style is as forgiving in the heat as it is after a big lunch, but it is the lace detail and bohemian carefree edge which cements this as one of my favourite pieces. This is why I needed the black and the white. 

The quickest way to take this blouse from summer to Autumn is to layer it with a cotton / silk scarf or wrap, drape it nonchalantly over your shoulders, tuck into an oversized cotton blazer or cardigan and proceed with grace. Not sure though how ready I am for summer to end...

Photographed by: Jiawa Liu

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