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 By Briar Stanley
 Briar Stanley is a Sydney based interior decorator and founder and editor of life and style blog, Sunday Collector. Briar believes your home should tell your story. From rethinking a room to designing a unique look throughout your space, she can guide you through everything from choosing a dining table, tile selection to the colours of your cushions. Find out more about Briar's styling and decorating work here.

My daughter Sunday will be 3 in May, and I plan to organise a big party for her. I'm not sure of the theme yet, but I'll be sure to get my craft on again - as I did for her first birthday party. Here is the blog post I compiled (including my DIY projects) the night after the big day.

The one year old birthday girl is fast asleep after her party today - she’s most likely dreaming about bubbles, pom poms and party hats. I was looking forward to toasting the first year milestone of being a parent, but it was even more delightful seeing Sunday’s joy in being surrounded by some of her favourite people in the world. I have no doubt that babies know when it is a special day just for them.

Above are some of my DIY projects. Seriously, I could make fun stuff like this all day, every day. Just you wait, Miss Sunday – your 21st birthday party is going to be a cracker!

Using the trusty glue gun, I made a selection of vintage inspired party hats for the kids. My mum helped with the woolen pom poms (she’s super fast), and the mix of ribbons were purchased at Lincraft.

Sunday loves bubbles, so we gave all her friends a bottle of bubbles as a party favour. I designed a label and simply re-labelled the bottles of bubbles using double sided tape.

I set up a simple ‘photo booth’ chair for the birthday girl – the children’s bentwood chair I sat on as a young girl, decorated with pom poms and a personalised rosette from Lulu Lucky.

On top of the classic treats table, I put together slightly healthier lunch boxes for the kids, with a pair of ‘Sunnies from Sunny’…the adults didn’t go without either.  In fact, the talk of the party was the whole slow roasted lamb with fresh bread rolls we organised from Hellenic Bakery and Cakes in Marrickville (after a tip off from local friends in the know). I tell you, it’s the pig on the spit for the 21st century – and makes catering for a large number of people beyond easy.

Briar x


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  2. Beautiful! A proper kids party! So creative and talented! My daughters first birthday is in April and I'm looking forward to it even more after your post. WOO HOO!!

  3. So lovely and colourful! I'll definitely have to use the idea of adding fun sunglasses in party boxes for my little one's future birthday parties! Laura x

  4. We had a pig on the spit in the backyard for our first son's first birthday and it was tops. We have a second birthday on Easter Sunday and then another first birthday in 6 months time {so we shall be super busy}.

  5. When we arrived at our ceremony and venue everything was better than I could have imagined. I literally was speechless when I saw how it all had come together. The planning team had made sure every single event management detail was accounted for and perfect.

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