Monday, February 9, 2015


By Jenelle Witty
Jenelle Witty is a creative who has worked in the fields of Costume Design and Set Design for Theater, Event Design for Arts Festivals and Interior Design. Her blog Inspiring Wit explores topics including culture, travel, food and beauty as well as fashion. Incorporating real life experiences, a desire for adventure and a cheeky sense of wit, Inspiring Wit is a trusted friend online and valued contributor at The Beetle Shack.


Over the years I have made a conscious effort to simplify my own style, keeping it as fuss free and comfortable as possible, while maintaining an elegance, even if at times this is somewhat understated. As the days get busier, this calmness reflected in my clothing keeps me on task.

Bare feet, soft waves, a glow of light and shadow, the touch of detail and print all captured the mood I felt for this shoot. I must confess I often shy away from print, knowing I will soon tire of it, however, when paired back with the simplicity of a black or otherwise neutral piece, it comes together. A relaxed drama.

The animal print is essentially a classic- despite which it is abused often. The best way to go about incorporating it into your wardrobe is to keep it simple, team it with an elegant neutral and minimise the use of jewellery and accessories. Opt for a neutral shoe and bag, allow for natural makeup and hair and of course proceed with confidence. I like to pair a short leg length- such as shorts or a skirt with a longer arm length and sleeveless top with trousers for balance. Although there are some exceptions, it is nice to show skin in a subtle way.

Jenelle from Inspiring Wit wears
 Bohemian Traders Animal Print Collection
Photographed by: Mario Recchia


  1. Such beautiful photo of a beautiful model. The perfect match for BT :)

  2. I'm an Inspiring Wit fan already - always such gorgeous photos - but especially loving the copy in this - beautifully written too!

    1. We can all form part of the Jenelle Witty Admiration Society. She is the BEST, most beautiful thing out there!!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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