Thursday, February 26, 2015


By Emily Beetleshack
The original author of The Beetle Shack, Emily is a chronic over sharer and collector of unnecessary consumer goods. In a past life Emily was a high school Visual Arts teacher. She always enjoyed the ‘naughty’ kids the most; the ones who were resistant to following the rules and questioned the boundaries. They were interesting, challenging and funny. When she was pregnant with her first child she could be heard saying, “I hope I have a cheeky child, one that speaks his mind and is rebellious in nature”. Unsurprisingly, she did. In the archives of the Beetle Shack you'll find her tales of raising her own ‘spirited’ children whilst swanning about the house dressed as a fruit salad.

Our little family loves a day trip. Any excuse to throw the kids in the car, buckle them in and restrain them for hours at a time is a winner for me… you know… as long as there are fresh organic strawberries at the end.

Where do you take your kids for a nice day out?


  1. Looks fabulous! My hubby is a big advocate for exploring our own backyard. Yours looks wonderful :)

  2. Oh sounds like the perfect day out. We have a gorgeous little windy country road not far from my house and we love to take a Sunday drive there and go market stall hopping. Nothing beats home grown organic produce! X A

  3. Yes. What a magical place. Where?

    ps Elke is soooo big now.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em