Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 By Talia Christine
Talia lives in New Zealand with her husband, Mr. Philip van der Wel and their 2.5 children. Talia writes a self titled blog which is a snapshot of their daily lives and her crafty side. She is also a blog designer (responsible for many recreations of The Beetle Shack) and tech guru with infinite knowledge around blogging and design. When writing for The Beetle Shack, Talia will share craft and sewing tutorials along with other helpful household hints.

In a spur of the moment whim, me and Phil decided suddenly that the living room needed a bit of rearranging. It wasn't quite right. It needed fixing. We immediately turned our attention to the TV area. Our TV sat on a low coffee table that was awkwardly shoved into the corner of the room. It was so not nice, but we didn't really have any other options.

We played around with the idea of putting the TV on a large old fashioned radio. It was neat, but still not quite right. Then we dreamed of making a TV stand out of old crates. We only had two, but the idea seemed perfect. In a snap decision, Phil went to the nearest liquor store and purchased four empties beer crates. The bottles went to our recycling bin and we got to work. While Audrey was napping we stained the crates with Briwax to give them a more finished look. When they were dry we ran them inside and rearranged the crates to get the right look we were going for. Beautiful. Exactly what we were going for. Our living room felt right. Complete.

I love our new TV stand. Whenever I see it I look at it with appreciation. It was a quick and easy project and it has a rustic homemade feel to it. Perfect for us.

Now our living room is comfy cozy.

Home sweet home.

Talia Christine

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