Friday, January 16, 2015


 By Lauren Merrick
Lauren Merrick from Lauren Merrick Illustration is an artist and illustrator who spends her days creating custom Family Portraits,  Children's Book Illustrations, Blog Headers and commercial business branding. Inspired by the wonders of the natural world, Lauren's work is as playful as it is whimsical. A seasoned market traveller, you can find Lauren at your local east coast artist boutique market or online here.

Hello lovely readers! My name is Lauren and I am one of the new contributors to The Beetle Shack. Some of you may already know a bit about me, Em has done some posts on my work over the years and I've done some work for the blog too. For those who don't know me, I am a freelance illustrator. I spend my time painting, cutting paper and designing commissioned illustrations for clients and designs for my own online store - Lauren Merrick Illustration

I’ve got a simple way to use wrapping paper to cover school books and I have also designed a FREE download for you to print out some cute name tags for your books.

I’m using my own wrapping paper which you can buy here (on sale at the moment) but any wrapping will work - it’s a great way to recycle saved birthday or Christmas wrapping. You can even do a bit of collage with scraps. 

You will need:
- School Notebook
- Wrapping paper
- Contact
- Scissors 
- Glue
- Pen

1- One of my sheets will cover two school books. Start by placing your book open on the sheet of wrapping to make sure it will cover the whole book then cut the sheet in half. 

2- Get out your contact paper as well at this stage to cut it to size to make sure the contact is bigger than the wrapping - you might need to trim the paper down. I like to mark the centre of the paper and contact so I know where to put the book.

3- Then cover the back of the book with a thin layer of glue and slowly press the book down onto the underside of the wrapping. 

4- Close the book, cover the front of the book with a thin layer of glue and wrap the paper around the front. Be sure to do it evenly to avoid air bubbles.  

5- Cut the corners off the wrapping on each of the four corners, put some glue on the overlap and fold down onto the inside of the book. 
6- Download the free Name Tags, print and cut to size. Glue down and write the name before covering the book with contact.
7- Next, cover the book with contact paper. Lay the book flat with the front of the book facing down and the spine in the centre. Peel the backing paper to the half way mark. Then roll down the book on the contact using the same technique when you rolled the book onto the wrapping paper. Cut the corners and fold the contact, same as the wrapping. 

8- To cover the front of the book I start by folding the contact with the paper still on over the front of the book. Then start peeling a bit of the paper off the contact and smoothing out any air bubbles as you go. When that's finished open the cover, cut the corners of the contact and fold over, same as before.

And you’re done! Your books are all dressed up ready for school.

Download the name tags here.

Happy wrapping! 


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