Friday, November 28, 2014


CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE!!! Seriously, it's less than a month away??!! I can't quite believe that another year is drawing to a close.

It's time to start thinking about decorating, soaking dried fruits in brandy, gift giving and present wrapping - so many good things in one sentence.

This year I'll be wrapping my loved ones gifts in wrapping paper designed by one of my dearest friends Lauren Merrick. The girl is a selfless, quietly spoken, loudly laughing creative. She wears printed scarves in her hair and rocks harem pants like you wouldn't believe. When she reads my children stories, she does so with passion and when she cuddles them, tickles are included.

Clearly Lauren is a woman of many skills because she also produces the MOST beautiful art work imaginable and this year, she's created a line especially for Christmas.

There's gift tags and wrapping paper and greeting cards. Note books and pens and beautiful prints. There's even a little collection of story books for children - literally something for every one.

Because she's a generous girl, Lauren is giving away a hefty prize pack to one of you! All you need to do is enter by following the prompts below to win the following;

10 Sheets of Wrapping Paper - two of each design 
8 Christmas Cards - one of each design 
12 Gift Tags - two of each design 

Total giveaway worth $122

You can find Lauren on Social media via the below links;

instagram:     @lauren_merrick

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lace is everywhere lately! I love it. Try this easy DIY to turn a family treasure into something beautiful you can wear.. or if you're like me and a little too sentimental to turn the scissors on something so special - pop into your local op-shop digs to find the perfect piece!

what you need
  • Vintage lace tablecloth (mine is from my local Op-shop and set me back $3)
  • Needle 
  • Thread
  • Scissors
how to 
  • Fold your lace in half longways and pin sides together
  • Measure and mark the armhole opening (mine is 15cm from shoulder)
  • Hand stitch the side seams, remembering to leave the armhole open
  • Carefully snip out an opening for the neckhole, following the pattern of your chosen lace piece (you'll see I've followed the line of the square pieces to create my neckline)
  • Hand stitch the neckhole seam, using the rolled hem technique
DIY by Nicole x

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


 A subtle spring palette of sea foam musk and crisp white in luxurious linen and silk - hello dreamy Spring bedroom.

Making the bed is pretty much the ONLY house work I delight in… actually, lets be honest, it's almost the only house work I do so when the opportunity arises to try out new linens, I simply can't say no.

We've been sleeping amongst the new Shannon Fricke collection which consists of dainty pattens and subdue hues. The All of You Pom Pom Quilt Cover* is made from a lovely cotton linen blend which means you get the crumply look of linen without the hefty price tag, plus Pom Poms. You know! I've teamed it with the Hedgerow Striped Cushions* and some sweet silk and velvet cushions from my massive collection.

You can see these darlings in the flesh in either Domayne or Adairs or just impulse buy them right here.

*this item was gifted to me for editorial consideration.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


White can be tricky when you're a mum, can't it. It shows the boogers and (wine) stains but for me it's redeemed by it's bleach-ability. Stain it, bleach it.


I've worn the Dusty Linen Dress in Pink here and Steel here. It's safe to say this dress is a wardrobe staple for me and so easy to buy online due to the oversized nature of the style. Roll the sleeve and away you go. In know some people shy away from linen due to that small quiet (otherwise known as your mother) voice telling them 'LINEN MUST BE IRONED' - but that voice is wrong. Linen is best on the second day when picked up off the floor. Crumpled and soft.

I hate to tell you that you can currently get your Dusty Linen Dress at $119 during the Bohemian Traders Spend & Save sale.


Dusty Linen Dress in White | medium
Gypsy Weekender Bag

Monday, November 17, 2014


This evening I found myself in the usual predicament - planting kisses on my almost 6 year old son's cheek. Kiss kiss kissing them all over his soft face as he patiently endures my extravagance, waiting to resume his long winded monologue.

He's been growing up lately, that first born baby boy of mine. Getting taller, smarter and more engaged with every moment in every day. His questions are more challenging, his hair is a little darker and his legs are longer (lucky duck).

When I drop him at preschool he wipes my kisses from his forehead, cheek or hair. Where ever I leave them, he will wipe them. 'Oh MUMMMM' he says, equal parts delighted and disgusted.*

During the day his cheeks are warm and sticky- a sign that he's been busy playing. But when evening comes the chub on his cheeks is cold, just like his little sisters'.

It's that icy cold chub that reminds me that he's still my baby. Growing up, maybe. But still as good as new to me.

Do you delight in icy cold cheek chub when you kiss your babies goodnight?

* or just disgusted.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Preparing our home for Christmas is something I love… perhaps a little bit too much. Whilst Dave doesn't share my passion for the Mariah Carey Christmas album and glitter encrusted table wear, the children do so I feel validated and encouraged in my extra fussing, kitchen dancing and tuneless singing.

This year I'm working with a simple palette - a substantial leap away from last years table scape. Black, white and grey will form the foundations of my Christmas table and since these basics can be found in just about every home, I though it might be fun to look at a few ways to work them into the festive season.

Target have asked me to share my take on Christmas so all of the treasures you see in these images can be found on the shelves of your local Target (or online- hello convenient). I've broken it down into three possible looks - rustic, minimal and classic.


Bringing in rustic elements like hessian, timber and paper make for a soft, textured christmas table. I've added a selection of glass, laser cut metal and porcelain ornaments that I found on sale at Target (buy 2, get the 3rd free) to really bring home the golden natural tones. Paper bon bons for fun and the most delicious candle holders ever. Those puppies aren't getting packed away with the rest of the decorations come January.


A geometric bowl by Lisa T for Target sits on a classic linen table cloth. Gorgeous matte porcelain decorations sit alongside fine bone china bowls with a sweet embossed spot. This look is fuss free, clean and kid friendly. 


Christmas just isn't Christmas without a good punch of red and green, is it? I've used a laser cut raised felt runner (at only $8, who wouldn't) through the centre of my table. Faux wreaths bring in a bit of green while simple porcelain ornaments provide interest and texture.

When shopping for this feature, I tried to choose pieces that I could utilise once the Silly Season has come to a close. I'll use the geometric bowl to hold fruit, the star ornaments will add interest to my sideboard, the bowls will be used everyday at breakfast time and those candles will stay right there in the centre of our table for many months to come.

If you're in the market for new Christmas Decorations this year, do yourself a favour and check out the selection at Target. There are some seriously lovely, understated ornaments on the shelves. Ones you'll want to keep for ever.

This post was sponsored by Target. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


So, it turns out that it's Thursday today, not Wednesday like I had thought. THis post is a day late and a busk short. Seriously, is anyone else loosing track of the days at the moment? And how many weeks until the school holidays, anyways?

Christmas, that's soon too, right?!

Moving right along- here is 101 photo's of me wearing kimonos! ha!

1. Classic - Nothing says 'wardrobe staple' like a white linen shirtdress, does it? I'm wearing mine with the Falling Flowers Kimono in Paisley.

2. Belt It - I love the Falling Flowers Kimono belted either loosely like this or crossed over for a more traditional kimono look. I'm tying the corners here to make it a little less voluminous which is good for a shorty like me.

3. Colour Blocked -  I'm wearing the Cobalt Falling Flowers Kimono and layering blue tones. I've been flogging my Basic Line Tank which is also available in mustard, navy and plan white. The most flatteringly cut basic you'll find- Slim though the top with room through the middle and a v neck for a slimming front.

4. Pattern Clash - Teaming bold prints and strong colours with the Falling Flowers Kimono in Mustard (also looks great over the Basic Line Tank in Mustard) with the navy and white Ahoy Dress. Very easy wearing. Again, I'm tying the corners to make it a bit shorter.

5. Tie It - Channelling my inner Nanna here. Tying my Falling Flowers Kimono in Paisley Rouge over the Liberty Linen Dress in Pink. This is one of my favourite dresses this season. SO easy to wear and very flatting and femme. It can easily be dresses up or down with as little as a shoe change!

I'm also wearing a Falling Flowers Kimono here with denim shorts for a super casual look.

Save up to $200 on your total order with Bohemian Traders Spend & Save offer.

Do you have a Kimono in your wardrobe? How do you wear it?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Photographed by the ever amazing David James Photography

The perfect Spring afternoon shooting the ideal Spring wardrobe with my gorgeous Sister in Law and our sweet friend Anna. 

With a focus on relaxed linens, knitted stripes and hand block printed florals there's sure to be something for every occasion for those of you who like to buy bohemian style clothing online. Top it all with a Vintage Blanket Jacket (or Kantha Jacket) - reversible, machine washable and light enough to wear though out summer.

Bohemian Traders is currently having a SPEND & SAVE sale. Save up to $200 off your order when you shop online. Limited stock available.