Sunday, August 31, 2014


Just the usual sequence of events. Warm milk in a coffee cup. Cold milk on the table.

you know it, right?

In other news, I've just arrived back from 4 beautiful days in QLD with my Sisters. I'm looking forward to finding a bit of spare time (because that exists, does't it) to share some details. I attended Pro Blogger for the first time ever and it did not disappoint.

Hope you've had a beautiful weekend! Talk soon!

Em xx

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Mmm dreaming of a holiday.. again!  It would be lovely to go as far as Japan - with it's serene forests, zen interiors and stunning indigo..  But alas my cup of green tea will have to suffice for today. We shall meet one day, beautiful land of the rising sun.

Images sourced from Bohemian Traders Pinterest boards.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


As a stay at home mum, I can't get enough of seriously comfortable clothing. I feel like I'm winning if I can dress myself once in the morning and then drop the kids at Pre School, do the grocery shopping, slump on the lounge, hang out the washing and pick the kids up again without having to change.

Most of the time I'll pull some jeans and a striped tee of the floor but now that Spring is on it's way I'll be opting for Mulberry Lounge Pants and floaty tops.

I'm slightly in love with my Ruffle Hem Blouses for their floaty fit - just the right amount of room through the middle but still nice and slim in the arm. The pink is a super soft blush, very subtle and femme.


Mulberry Lounge Pants | one size
Ruffle Hem Blouse in Pink | Size Small

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Ellen styles her favourite dress from a funky Melbourne boutique.

look 1 | Shoes bought by Mum for a wedding in 1994
look 2 |  Glasses from SpecSavers; jeans from Cocolatte; Doc Martins from online store
look 3 | Shorts and shoes from Salvos; vest from Victoria market stall

I'm lucky enough to be related to this beautiful human being!  Ell is so much fun (when she tears herself away from her latest novel..!).  She's a sensitive soul who cares deeply about the state of this world.  She's got a knack for hunting down the best coffee in town, wherever she is - perhaps due to the fact that she's made a home in so many different places over the last few years.

From Ellen:

How do you spend your time

I love to cruise around on my bike with my little dog running beside me or in the basket. Or going on long walks/drives discovering awesome secret places… Or hanging out at cafés (cafés being vital to my lifestyle/social life)... Or chilling at home with a pot of tea and a good book.

What is your personal Style

Maybe a simplified kind of boho/punk with a dash of androgyny and a smidge of oriental influence??? I’m not sure – I really like men’s shirts, docs, and woolly jumpers, but I absolutely cannot walk past a beautiful colourful pattern. And I’m all about the comfy.

What do you love about this item

It makes my eyes so happy to look at it! It’s just so pretty! But without being overly girly-girl. Plus it’s so super comfy and flowy - it’s like I’m not wearing anything (But marginally warmer and less naked).

Where do you love to shop

Second-hand shops in little towns, garbage bags in friends/family’s garages, side of the road throw-out piles (they’re free!), and just occasionally something will catch my eye in the window or bargain rack of an actual clothes shop.

What is the most important element in an item

Do I feel good when I wear it? ie. Does it have positive associations? Is it going to comfortable to wear all day? Does it make me feel like I look good?

What is your favourite season

Summer. The sun makes me feel so toasty and relaxed, and you can wear the most comfy, flowy clothes or run around half naked and it’s all good, because it’s soooo hot…!

What is one thing more important than fashion

People. And animals. And the environment.  That’s one BIG thing – like the cycle of life.

and one more just for good measure.. 

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Monday, August 25, 2014


Last week I wore the Dusty Linen Dress in Steel, this week it's pink… next week it'll be white. It really is such an effortless piece. Designed to be oversized with a subtle high-low hem - easy to wear with heels, flats or little ankle boots - it definitely forms part of my capsule wardrobe as a stay at home mum. On a shorty like me it skims the knees and I roll the sleeve for a more relaxed look. The deep keyhole to the front means this dress would be super easy to breastfeed from.

You can see Nikki from Styling You wearing the white Dusty Dress today too.

I'll be back later in the day with a post that's NOT a photo of me (oh sweet, sweet relief).


Shoes | Zoe Wittner

Sunday, August 24, 2014


1. My daily Gypsy Bag on the kitchen table. Not where it belongs but always where it ends up!

2. I've added bees to the lounge room wall. Just having them in Elke's room wasn't enough.

3. That gorgeous morning light that signals Spring is on her way.

4. A gorgeous toy gifted to us by a long treasured friend when Zeph was born.

5. You know it. Don't you? Tell me you do.

6. Lovely Nicole wearing my very favourite piece from the La Bohème collection - Dusty Linen Dress.

If you've got a backlog of Stills, feel free to add more than one link.


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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Okay, I'm sorry. Two wearing posts in a row is TOTALLY excessive not to mention snooozeworthy.

If you wanted to see the Dreamer Dress on a short round girl - here you go. It could have done with an iron but you know, who has an iron? I'm wearing the dreamer in SMALL.

I've worn mine with tights (because who bothers with hair removal in winter). It's a very floaty style and can be dressed up and down at leisure. You can see Sonia dressing it up here or Rach smashing a casual look here. There is limited stock left.

The second pic shows the Dusty Linen Dress in Steel. This is my favourite piece from the collection. It's SO wearable. So forgiving and such lovely quality. I'll be wearing it in every colour for every occasion! Yumballs. I'm wearing the Dusty in SMALL.

In other news, MY KIDS!!! Yes! I love them, they are naughty but I forgive them. I'm going to start doing the 52 Project again just so I can write love song dedications to their sweet little faces.

Night xx

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 Do you love a white top? I do. In fact, I love a white top so much that in my colour coded wardrobe (yes, I really do colour code) white tops make up about 40% of my total hanging space. Geee, this is interesting, the inner workings of my wardrobe. Fascinating.

Anyways, this morning little Pip and I executed the above photo 'shoot' (ehum). We set the camera up on the tripod and went mental (or something).

 I did spend a brief moment pondering what this kind of vanity would be teaching my impressionable daughter, but I decided that a little fun induced vanity is better than picking at the flaws whilst crying into a latte.

 It was a significant amount of fun and Pip 'art directed' the entire thing. Stand this way mum, wear your hat mum, no don't take it off, hold it like this, and lets change, wow your belly is like jelly and so on.

So Pippi, I'm your mother and my belly is like jelly and it's totally excellent!

I'm wearing a collection of white tops with my Bohemian Traders Distressed Skinnies. My all time favourite jeans - mid rise, slim in the leg and a lovely amount of distressing to disguise my mammoth thighs (oh no, where's my latte).

WEARING (from top to bottom)

Ruffle Hem Blouse | size S | This little darling is cut with a slight swing through the body which means it hides the muffin top (YAY) and a super deep V neckline which allows for great breast-feeding access when you need it. It will also be super cute over swimmers this Summer!

Lace Trim Blouse | size M | I'm in love with this one. Super soft, super floaty and super flattering sleeves to minimise the impact of tuck shop arms.

Dusty Linen Smock | size S | I've been wearing this dress in steel for days and days and days. In fact I think I wore it 7 days straight last week. It's in the wash now (and it'll stay there for another 7 days- thus is the washing turn around at The Beetle Shack). It's PERFECT. Super flattering, super layerable, super forgiving, lovely quality linen and breast feeding friendly.

Button Down Swing Tank | size S | Super swingy through the body, the Button Down Swing Tank is perfect for pregnancy, feeding and forever more. You'll be needing the natural colour also.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014



This is the colour nearest the light. It appears on the slightest mitigation of light, whether by semi-transparent mediums or faint reflections from white surfaces. In prismatic experiments it extends itself alone and widely in the light space, and while the two poles remain separated from each other, before it mixes with blue to produce green it is to be seen in its utmost purity and beauty.

I'm in the mood for a little splash of yellow.. on everything!  I'm seeing sprays of bright Acacia blooming along roadsides all over and I love it!  Yellow has a freshness about it.  It is the colour of happiness, of friendship and fun..  It is guaranteed to make you smile every time*.

Images sourced from Bohemian Traders Pinterest boards; quote from Brain Pickings.

*cheesy right..?  Cheese is yellow too - gotchya! 

Post by Nicole

Friday, August 15, 2014


Tim has such a mature understanding of light and colour for a young artist.  His work is majorly insired by the Australian environment, and has an incredible depth that inspires me to walk outside and look around just a little more often.  You'll have to stare at these images for a minute longer to notice the incredible detail in each one, and it will be absolutely worth your while to do just that.

Tell us a little bit about your life / work

I’ve been working as a freelance artist for the last few years under the name TOWERS, a moniker that developed quite naturally by people misreading the signature on my works (T.Owers). I’m besotted with the natural world and love attempting to depict my appreciation & response to it through art. I studied a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration at Newcastle University which very much nurtured that appreciation and helped me develop my artistic expression. I work in a wide range of mediums including oils, acrylic, watercolour & pastel. I live with my wife in a little house in a rural area of the Central Coast called Somersby, surrounded by beautiful bushland, birds & farm animals.

What inspired you to be an Artist?
I’d always had a love for drawing, beginning in my early years in my attempts at reproducing illustrations from Pokémon cards, or photos I found in encyclopedias, and developing into more of a passion throughout high school. But I think it was the encouragement of my parents, teachers & lecturers that lead me to consider being an artist as a full-time profession. The idea that I might have something unique or special to contribute to the incredible array of art in our world was invigorating and very motivating!

Is there an artist that you turn to for inspiration when you need it? 
I have a strong emphasis on colour in my work, so I tend to turn the Impressionists if I’m in a bit of a lull. Whenever I zoom in on those distinct brushstrokes, I shake my head in awe of their incredible grasp on colour. I also find myself repeatedly turning to the portrait artist Vincent Fantauzzo. I truly think he is our modern Rembrandt, using such dramatic lighting & contrast to make his pieces come to life!

What is your favourite colour?
Today, bluish grey. Tomorrow, probably greenish grey. I’m a sucker for all pastel shades.

Is there a symbol or subject that you find yourself using repeatedly in your work? Can you explain it to us?
I definitely seem to always come back to birds. Especially little birds that are easy to miss. I think I really enjoy putting the unassuming into the spotlight… a little bird, a tree, an alley way…

Happiest childhood memory?
Probably a family holiday to Tasmania. I would have only been 11, but the landscapes, wildlife and culture were enthralling.

Your greatest achievement? 
Within my art career, having a solo exhibition was really something special. 
Outside of my art career, finding someone who was willing to spend the rest of her life with me was quite an achievement!

Did it take long to truly develop your own style?
Well, there are definitely stylistic ‘signatures’ in my work that I’ve developed over the years, for instance I almost always refuse to use black in my works but opt instead for dark purples or blues. However my philosophy is that an artist’s style should never finish developing. I think an artist has enough trouble trying to resist societies expectations on what is considered a ‘good’ piece of art… the last thing they need is to be constricted by their own stylistic limitations. So in answer to the question, it has taken 25 years so far and I expect it will take many, many more years.

Find Tim online

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Oh August. You exhaust me. Are you feeling it? That deep deep down to your bones tired?

I can feel apathy creeping on in and I'm counting down the days until I can take a good, sustained break.

It'll come. It really will.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 Oh hi, it's just me swanning about in my new Boho Traders pieces.

I'm pretty much in love with the trousers (both pairs), they are comfortable to the max and can be dressed up and down at your leisure. I'm a super sonic shorty and pretty round around the middle but they still work… so I'm a little lusty for some extra leg length but nothing a good pair of heels can't fix.*

They can be worn on the waist or the hip and have plenty of room for bottom, because we all have bottom, right?

I'm wearing a size 10 in the pants and a small in tops.

The Boyfriend Shirtmaker is another classic cracker - totally timeless and with all that luscious linen crinkling, I figure a fair amount of snot and dirt will be camouflaged.


image one 

Boyfriend Shirtmaker | size 10
Sunshine Shawl
Country Road Tights
Slides c|o Fitflops

image two

Basic Stripe Tank in Mustard | size S
Boyfriend Linen Trouser | size 10
Gypsy Bag
Slides c|o Fitflops

image three

Oversized Deep V Tee | free size
Masquerade Trouser in Sand | size 10
Sunshine Shawl
Slides c|o Fitflops

* A word on my size and shape. I'm 156cm tall and wear a 10/12. I'm small boned but very well covered. Post babies I'm roundest around the middle and the ol thighs. I like a relaxed fit in my garments and would always opt to size up rather than down. It might not be the most flattering look for me but I'm a comfort junkie- except when it comes to jeans. I'm a tight jeans junkie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Jess styles her Bohemian Traders Vintage Blanket Waterfall Vest in Moondance

Look 1 | Belt from Cue; Boots from Sole Society
Look 2 | Dress from Byron Bay Designer; Badge from Op-Shop; Sandals from Wittner
Look 3 | Jeans from Lee; Scarf from Op-Shop

Jess is one of those crazy humans that can pull absolutely anything off. Any combo; any pattern; any style.  She has the 'art teacher' look down pat, which makes sense because she is one!  She spends her spare time painting psychedelic swirls of colour on canvas, surfing gnarly waves (in a fleuro wetsuit of course), and making people feel happy in general.  

From Jess:

Your personal style

Freespirited. I like to mix a classic staple with a few crazy colourful pieces. (I'm all about the clash)

What do you love about this item

I love that I can throw it on over anything and still look like I've spent a lot of time planning my outfit!

Where do you love to shop

I like to support my local names - from vintage stores to designer. 

What is the most important element in a garment

Colours that complement my complexion.

What is your favourite season


Tell us one thing more important than fashion

Cups of tea with good friends.

Post by Nicole

Monday, August 11, 2014


 photographed by Deejay Photography

 At last, Bohemian Traders 'La Bohème' is here!

This little collection was designed with the stay at home mum in mind (okay, so I designed it for myself). It's all about easy to wear pieces in quality fabrics. Each and every item is cut to flatter the post baby body - swing style linen tanks with buttons to the front, flattering ruffle hem blouses with a little extra room through the middle without sacrificing a good fit through the shoulder, and classic dresses with a pinch extra length, you know, so one can bend down with out revealing ones, ehum, Bridget Jones'.

This is the kind of clothing I really want to wear during this stage of my life. I need practical, versatile and flattering pieces. Garments that will take me from my couch to the park to the cafe (okay, not the cafe, I never go to cafe's) and back to my couch again. Things that feel good and don't grab my fat. It's not sexy to talk about but it's the truth - I can't dress like I used to and I can seldom find garments that fit well at the shopping centre.*

I hope you like it, friends. And to those of you who have made a Bohemian Traders purchase over the past 6 months, THANK YOU.  So much.

You can see the collection here.

What is on your wish list?

*yes, I will be doing my usual wearing posts so stay tuned until wednesday!