Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Post by Nicole

Moving from one place to another is an essential part of life.  Sometimes everyday travel takes a long time, sometimes a little – from work to home; back again; to preschool; to the grocery shops; to the doctor.. does it ever stop?! 
In the past, daily travel took a long time, every time.  People kept a smaller radius of ‘life’, because transport was difficult. Motor powered transport has changed things drastically, and of course contributed to the fast-paced life we are living.
We like slow here, but transport is a really tricky one!  We have a few alternatives to choose from, some more accessible than others – legs? bicycle? yacht? horse?!
My husband is the proud owner of a little yacht, and we took a little wind powered trip to work* a few weeks ago. Needless to say – it took a  l o n g  t i m e… It was beautiful that's for sure. But it took a lot more time and planning than it would have to zip down the freeway.
Equipment checks; water fill-ups; fishing gear; spare clothes; swimmers; towels; food; life jackets.. There was a lot to pack for one days work! (Not to mention a tenor saxophone; music stand and music). But then – the quiet power of the wind in the sails. It sure beats the hum of rubber on bitumen.
Our little commute was a reminder that some forgotten crafts, somewhere along the line, absolutely shift from the category of necessary, to luxury.
Luxuries aside, sans motor travel can contribute a lot of goodness to a normal day. Do you walk the kids to school?  Do you bike ride to pick up the groceries?  I sure don’t – but I’d like to.
What do you notice, who do you meet, taking these less worn paths?
*He is a musician, and was booked to play at a fishing village pub on the water.


  1. Oh amazing, what a wonderful way to enjoy nature instead of zipping down the freeway Em! Iove that work was a fishing village on the water x

  2. We always walk to school since it is very very close and parking is impossible and I get the grocery shopping delivered. We live in a small town and only really get in the car to go out of town. It's lovely!

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